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Changes to Litter Infringements

13 November 2015

Changes to the way our Council charges fines for littering is one of the steps being taken to crack down on fly tipping.

The Litter Policy sets out how our Council manages littering in the District. This includes infringements and how best to enforce the Policy.

The current Litter Policy sets infringements based on volume in litres, which is difficult to measure in the field. The proposed changes are a more straightforward way to enforce the rules around littering. These are based on what and where litter is found rather than how much of the litter there is.

The proposed litter infringement provisions are below:

Deposited or left litter in a public place     $100
Deposited or left litter in a private place without consent  $100
Deposited or left dangerous litter in a public place   $400
Deposited or left dangerous litter in a private place without consent $400

*Dangerous litter definition (as per Section 15 of Litter Act 1979) - litter deposited is of such a nature as is likely to endanger any person or to cause physical injury or disease or infection to any person coming into contact with it (being in particular any bottle whether broken or not, glass, article containing glass, sharp or jagged material, or any substance of a toxic or poisonous nature)


Fly Dumping targeted

A new Rubbish Fly Dumping Enforcement Strategy is also being planned and we intend to take the following actions to act as a deterrent to intentional rubbish dumping in our district:

  • Significant rubbish dumping will be investigated with a view to prosecuting under the Litter Act 1979 or with fines available up to $20,000.
  • Name and shame in the media anyone convicted through the courts.
  • Instigate a "Dob in a Dumper" hotline either through our 24-hour call centre or online.
  • Lift our "Clean and Green" profile and send a clear message that anyone identified littering or dumping rubbish in our district will face legal action.
  • We've started initial work with Keep NZ Beautiful, NZTA and we are approaching DOC and surrounding District Councils to see if they want to partner in raising the profile against littering and illegal rubbish dumping.
  • Provide additional monitoring of dumping sites by Compliance Officers.
  • Work with our contractors and NZTA to ensure investigations are undertaken and sites cleaned.

Specific problem areas are now being monitored and our Compliance Officers have identified several individuals associated with the rubbish dumping through evidence located within the rubbish and inquiries are continuing.

Illegal rubbish dumping on the Coromandel's scenic roads
A recent example of fly dumping.