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Clubroom options for Mercury Bay Multi Sport Park being discussed.

09 July 2015

Options are now being considered for clubrooms at the Mercury Bay Multi-Sport Park.

The facility has sufficient changing rooms and toilets within its Amenity Block. However due to the historic overspend during the construction of the entire facility a clubroom space was put on hold.

The Mercury Bay Recreation Trust, who is responsible for the external funding for the facility has been considering the best options for clubrooms which will benefit the sporting codes (netball, rugby league, football, tennis and rugby).

"We conducted a needs analysis report and the Trust is recommending clubrooms be a new build on-site, but a facility that will fit with the long term needs of the Park," says Trust Chairperson Bill McLean. "A list of specifications has been developed and we've presented it to all the codes."

"Our objective is to source funds through external funders, grants and with the support of all the codes that use the Sports Park," says Mr McLean.

The Trust has also presented the  proposals to the Mercury Bay Community Board.

"We approve the concept of developing a clubroom facility and have now asked the Trust to prepare some external funding applications, along with getting quotes from architects to look at plans and costings," says Mercury Bay Community Board Chair Paul Kelly.

The Trust will then report back to the Community Board.


Turf at the Sports Park.

People may have seen that the turf at the Sports Park has a shade of brown to it. It's not dead, it's just in its natural dormant state, which occurs over winter.

This is no different to other sports fields around the country that are couch grass.

In some other parts of the country, for eg Auckland's Eden Park, the couch grass is over sown lightly with rye grass so for aesthetic reasons it looks green. We don't see this as necessary at this stage at the Sports Park.

During the initial development of the Mercury Bay Sports Park facility it was decided that couch grass would be used because it's a premium and reputable type of turf for sports playing fields.

Meanwhile the Number One field is being used for competition games on Saturdays and Sundays and the secondary school teams including the Girls 1st XV rugby are training on Tuesday and Thursdays after school.

Mercury Bay Rugby and Sports Club have purchased a van to transport the teams to training. Last Sunday also saw the MB Area School Girls 1st XV Rugby team host their first tournament at the Sports Park.