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Throwing shade on the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade

21 August 2018

While it's a flurry of activity around all three phases of the Whitianga Town Centre main street upgrade, another feature about to be incorporated over the next few months is a plaza and canopy shelter at the top of Taylor's Mistake.

Whitianga Butchery open for business

The shelter is a free-standing 15m x 5.5m canopy, which will shield the public from sun and rain at the plaza square, which is being built at the Albert St entrance to Taylor's Mistake. The canopy design will be sent for fabrication and installed once the plaza has been completed, which ties in with the scheduled completion of the upgrade before the end of the year.

Canopy design

Whitianga Town Centre upgrade canopy design

"It's a pretty frenetic time with lots of construction going on along the whole main street," says our Council's project manager Andrew Boden.  "Again we just want to thank the public, retailers and business for their patience because there are several road closures  to vehicle traffic off the main street - but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel - as we're over half-way to completing the upgrade, which is set for late November/early December."

We've had local videographer Floyd Johnstone capture the progress of the town centre upgrade over the past few months. His latest clip can be viewed below or on our YouTube channel

Works going on this week:

Whitianga Town Centre upgrade August 21 2018

Phase 1: From Lee Street to Monk Street.

  • Completing the foot path paving block remedial works with the footpath between Mainly Casual and FeetStreat Shoes expected to be open within the next couple of days.

Phase 2: From Monk Street to Hannan Road.

  • Finishing the placement of the kerb and channels.
  • Placing and compacting road base course metal.
  • Preparing to lay footpath - up to the signage board/garden at the front of the i-SITE centre.

Phase 3: From Blacksmith Lane to Campbell Street.

  • Continuing the service trench excavation and drainage installation.  This has required some water shutdowns which we have let businesses know in advance.
  • Starting to cut the new design subgrade.

We've also found during construction some of the new pavers are getting cracked as heavy vehicles drive onto the path to deliver goods to businesses. We're looking to install some small barriers at some sections of the pavement to stop heavy trucks and delivery vehicles mounting the pavers.

Meet the Whitianga Butchery

Whitianga Butchery

Meanwhile, every week we promote a local business affected by the town centre upgrade. This week we spoke to Arthur Olsen from Whitianga Butchery, who has been welcomed to the gated community from Blacksmith Lane to Campbell St, within Phase 3 of the upgrade.

"We also want to thank the community for supporting us over this time," says Arthur.

There is parking at the Lee Street car park, the Mercury Bay Club car park and on various side streets; while for the elderly, physically disabled or families with young children there are a few carparks in the Coghill Cafe Carpark.

And who wouldn't want to drop in, with Whitianga Butchery offering fresh black pudding in store, along with all sorts of other handmade goodies including bacon, smoked chicken and salmon, cheese kranskys and salamis. Arthur and his team also offer a Processing service for Homekills from Easter through to Labour weekend.

"If you are dropping off or picking up Homekill you can drive up Coghil Street to our shop," says Arthur.  "We also have an amazing smoker which caters to smoking all types of fish, chicken, salmon, mussels, bacon and everything in between."

Arthur managed Whitianga Butchery in partnership with Brett from Tairua Butchery for several years before Aurthur and Cheryl bought the business almost a year ago. They also have Hamish working for them, who is originally from Rotorua but now lives in Whitianga and delivers exceptional customer service and knife skills.

The team have a very engaging Facebook page where they promote their products, along with what other locals are doing in business.

"Our beef and lamb comes from the Waikato, we get free-range pigs from Cambridge and we're also selling Bostock chickens, which are the only organic, commercial free range chickens being produced in New Zealand," Arthur says.

To find out more go to their Facebook page or call Arthur, Cheryl and Hamish on 07 866 5191 or drop in and see them at 60 Albert St, Whitianga.

Whitianga Butchery