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Reminder to Mill Creek Road residents about Kerbside collections

24 December 2019

We would like to advise residents on Mill Creek Road (Mercury Bay South) to please place their Kerbside collections on the other side of Mill Creek Road from the traffic barriers (as shown to the right in green). Where some collections are currently being placed (marked in red) is proving to be dangerous as the truck blocks the road completely and it is also a safety issue for staff and other motorists as the collections route is on the busy state highway 25, Tairua-Whitianga Road.

By assisting us and placing your kerbside collections as advised the truck can safely pull over and reduce the risk to staff and other motorists.

We thank you for your cooperation and if you have any further queries about our kerbside collections see

Kerbside summer season begins on Boxing Day

Our summer schedule of extra Kerbside recycling and rubbish collections begins on Boxing Day. There are two or three rubbish or recycling collections in most areas of the district every week until 8 February 2020.

If your collection gets missed, don’t worry, in most areas there’ll be another one in a couple of days. Please put your items out for the next scheduled collection. Due to the high volumes of material to collect, our crews probably won’t be able to turn around.

Contact our 24/7 customer service line on 07 868 0200 or drop us a private message on our Facebook page.

Go to for the schedule for your area or check our Facebook page where we'll be posting daily reminders of where collections are taking place.

There are collections on New Year’s Day, but none on Anniversary Day (Monday 27 January) and Waitangi Day (Thursday 6 February). Collections will be a day later for the rest of those weeks, except Saturday collections don’t move.

Here are some top tips for successful Kerbside rubbish and recycling:

  • Please put your rubbish in pre-paid, blue Council bags and recycling on the kerbside on the morning of your collection day.
  • Glass goes in the crate.
  • Paper, cardboard, hard plastic numbered 1-7, and tins go in the wheelie bin. Details of what can be recycled are heat-stamped on the bin's lid.
  • Please don’t leave blue Council rubbish bags on top of recycling wheelie bins. The drivers have to get out to take them off, slowing them down and risking incomplete collection runs.
  • If pests getting into rubbish bags are an issue in your neighbourhood, you can put your bag in a glass recycling crate or put a gullinator over top of the bag. A gullinator is a strong mesh sac that fits over the bag that seagulls can’t get through. They’re available from our Council service centres for $16.
  • Bags left hanging in trees or from poles will not be collected; neither will bags left in cages. Please leave your bags on the side of the kerb for Kerbside collection.
  • And, glass recycling crates that are filled to overflowing won’t be collected. Please don’t fill them beyond the rim of the crate. If they’re overfilled, bottles drop out and smash. If you’ve got more than will fit in your crate, ask if you can use some room in your neighbours’ crates, or come into one of our service centres and get an extra crate for $16.
  • If your existing crate is from our district and it’s broken, bring it in to get a free replacement. Broken crates from other districts won’t be exchanged.