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What’s the future of sport and recreation in the Coromandel?

02 December 2019

Are our sports facilities adaptable for a variety of sports codes? Are there ways we could redevelop what we have to optimise uses for different sport and recreation needs?

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These are just some of the questions we’re asking in our draft District Sports Plan that is intended to guide future investment and focus for our Council, Sport Waikato and local sports and recreation clubs.

The Thames-Coromandel District Sport and Active Recreation Plan is a project we’ve partnered with Sports Waikato on, and is out for public feedback until 31 January 2020.

You can download and read the summary plan, or the full document, and then fill in this survey to provide our Council and Sport Waikato with your thoughts.

This draft plan is based on feedback from sport and recreation providers in the district, Sport New Zealand sector trend research, data on sport and recreation in the Coromandel and data on demographic trends.

The draft plan looks at existing assets such as playing fields and club rooms, the district’s ageing population, partnerships, financial sustainability and planning for future facilities.

Here are some of the highlights from the draft plan:

Thames Pool

  • There is potential for existing facilities to be redeveloped to optimise use and maximise community benefits. Sports should consider working together or forming hubs to combine resources and maximise outcomes;
  • Our district has an ageing network of facilities with limited modelling of asset lifecycle. This is particularly true of many of the club buildings on Council land;
  • Many of the existing facilities in our district are unable to be adapted for different functions. This is something that will need to be considered as buildings and other facilities reach the end of their useful lives;
  • It will become increasingly important for all of us to work collaboratively in order to improve delivery of sport facilities;
  • Although our district’s population is growing, it is also ageing. This will require a stronger focus on facilities catering to older users;
  • Partnerships with schools, neighbouring councils, iwi, the Department of Conservation, regional and national sports organisations are crucial to the provision of facilities;
  • Opportunities should be investigated for smaller clubs to join together in facilities;
  • There is a need for a district-wide approach to accurately capture club membership and community use in each ward of the district to guide future facility development.

The draft plan also identified some of our Council projects and how their funding ties into our Long Term Plans.

Some examples of these projects are the indoor community pool to replace Thames Centennial Pool, Mercury Bay skate park, the rugby and netball facilities in Tairua, and the investigation of the existing field space in Coromandel Town and along with the potential there for upgrades or additional fields.

After the consultation closes at the end of January, your feedback will shape changes made to the draft plan before it is presented to Community Board workshops and then to our Council to be adopted as a final document.