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Changes to road intersection in Whitianga town centre.

28 February 2019

A mini- roundabout with a traffic island is to be installed at the intersection of Campbell Street and Albert Street, in the Whitianga CBD.

Following the town centre upgrade last year, road safety concerns were raised by members of the public about the practicality of this intersection and the risks around the sight lines for traffic, and traffic not giving way.

"We've listened to these concerns and also had an independent traffic report done, which included collecting traffic numbers and movements at the intersection over the busy summer month," says Andrew Boden, our town centre project manager.  "The traffic report highlighted that the majority of traffic flow entering and exiting the town centre is through Campbell Street west."

"The best solution to mitigate any traffic safety risk is to put in a mini-roundabout, which will provide clear priority control and  be easily understood by drivers," says Mr Boden.

A mini-roundabout was not in the design parameters of the orginal town centre upgrade.

"But we've taken on board public feedback and with input from traffic advisors, will now work at installing the roundabout," says Mr Boden.

The central island roundabout will need to be raised and made of different material to define it while still allowing larger vehicles to over-run it.

"We appreciate everyone's patience in recent months," says Mr Boden.

A detailed design is now being done with the aim to have the construction completed within the next three months.