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Council to discuss climate change declaration

21 February 2019

The Thames-Coromandel District Council has not yet made a decision on signing up to the Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration.

The declaration commits councils to plans to reduce greenhouse gases, increase resource efficiency, promote public and low-carbon transport and support the use of renewable energy and uptake of electric vehicles.

When the declaration was discussed during a Council workshop this week (February 19), Councillors expressed a desire for clarity on any financial implications of the document and the consequential rates increases it might place on ratepayers.

Councillors also indicated the importance for leadership and clearer guidance from central government as to what is specifically required of local government when it comes to risk and resilience matters such as climate change.

Our Council continues to be proactive in ensuring our communities are engaged, prepared, protected and safe in the long term.

Progression of this discussion will likely be scheduled for a Council meeting in April.