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No Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections on Waitangi Day

03 February 2020

There are no Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections on the Waitangi Day public holiday on Thursday 6 February. Thursday’s collections will take place on Friday, Friday’s collections will be on Saturday, but Saturday’s collections won’t change.

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The collection areas affected are:

  • Tairua, Mercury Bay South, Thames South Rural: Thursday’s collections move to Friday 7 February
  • Whitianga Town, Mercury Bay North, Coromandel Rural North: Friday’s collections move to Saturday 8 February
  • Whangamata, Onemana & Opoutere, Pauanui: The Saturday 8 February collections remain the same

Collections before Waitangi Day are unaffected by the public holiday.

Check our Kerbside web page for the schedule for your area:

If you miss your collection or you’re leaving town before your collection day, you can drop off rubbish in our Council’s blue pre-paid bags and recycling at no charge at any of our seven Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS). Go to our website for locations and hours:

We also have portable rubbish compactors where you can put bagged domestic rubbish for $2 in coins per bag.

You can also use our portable rubbish compactors

The compactors’ current locations are:

  • Kuaotunu Boat Ramp – also known as Quarry Point Boat Ramp. SH25 opposite 88 Kuaotunu-Wharekaho Rd.
  • Opoutere - beside the public toilets on the corner of Ohui and Opoutere roads, near the campground.
  • Old Coroglen Saleyard site – immediately south of the SH25 bridge over the Waiwawa River. 1909 SH25 Tairua-Whitianga Rd, near the junction with the Tapu-Coroglen Rd.

The compactors have been around for a few years, but we've recently covered them with a colourful design that better illustrates what they are and how they can be used.

For more information on the portable compactors, go to

Kerbside schedule changes on 10 February

Our non-summer Kerbside schedule begins on 10 February, with one rubbish collection per week and fortnightly recycling pick-ups.

We’d like to remind people that blue rubbish bags, recycling wheelie bins and glass crates should be placed by the kerbside for collection. Bags hung from trees or poles, or left in cages or boxes, will not be collected.

If roaming dogs or seagulls ripping open bags and spilling rubbish are a concern in your area, you can place your rubbish bag on top of your glass recycling crate. We’re nearly out of our popular gullinators – a strong mesh sac that sits over rubbish bags to protect them – and we’re currently sourcing a new supplier.

Check the schedule for your area:

Kerbside 2020 Whangamata

Kerbside 2020 Onemana and Opoutere

Kerbside 2020 Pauanui

Kerbside 2020 Tairua

Kerbside 2020 Mercury Bay South

Kerbside 2020 Whitianga Town

Kerbside 2020 Mercury Bay North

Kerbside 2020 Coromandel Rural North

Kerbside 2020 Coromandel and Te Kouma

Kerbside 2020 Thames Coast and Manaia

Kerbside 2020 Thames and Surrounds

Kerbside 2020 Thames South Rural