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Producer Statement authors need to be registered

18 January 2018

In order for our Council to accept Producer Statements from people involved in the building trades, the authors of these statements need to be registered as a practitioner in their field with the appropriate body, for example the Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng).

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For those "tradies" who provide producer statements or memoranda (eg on waterproofing membranes, backflow preventers, lifts, emergency lighting and more) and are not on a register, you have until the end of January to make sure you are registered with the Waikato Building Consent Group.

A Producer Statement is a formal, written statement certifying that specific building work, design or specifications comply with technical requirements, in order to meet the provisions of the New Zealand Building Code or a building consent.

The statement is completed and signed by the author, who should be a recognised specialist working within their area of expertise.

Until 31 January, authors of Producer Statements can attach evidence of assessments done to verify their competence. Examples may include qualifications, training, references and peer reviews. After 31 January, Producer Statement authors must be registered.

If you are not already on the register, or if you wish to view other examples of authors who are required to be registered, you can find more information and the application form on the Waikato Building Consent Group website.