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Building consent process outlined in handy brochure

31 January 2019

Our new building consent brochure is now available online and at our Council offices, ready to guide you through the process to apply for a building consent.

To help us to keep improving our service to you, we have also created a building consent survey, so you can tell us how we can make the process more efficient. Your feedback, through the survey, will allow us to track our progress and work out what we can do better.

This can all be done online by following the link here to our customer feedback survey without having to come into a Council office. We're here to help and we appreciate feedback so that we can continue to help you more effectively.

Remember, building consent applications can be done online so you can apply anywhere, anytime and it's much easier and quicker than our former paper-based system.

The online systems allows a Code Compliance Certificate to be issued by email once a final inspection has been completed and approved - provided all the documentation including any additional fees have been received. Information on Code Compliance Certificates is covered in our new brochure.

More information about building consents can be found on our website at .