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Enjoy your long weekend in the Coromandel

25 January 2019

If you’re in the Coromandel this long weekend for some fun in the sun, here are some things you need to know.

Photo: Marion Dastugue, Dolphins in the Coromandel.Our Council service centres and District libraries will be closed on Monday 28 January.

If you have any general enquiries over this time send us an email. (Please note that this email address is only monitored during office hours).

For urgent enquires you can contact us on our 24-hour service line: 07 868 0200.

Photo: Marion Dastugue, Dolphins in the Coromandel.

Kerbside Collections and Refuse Transfer Stations

KerbsideThere will be no Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection on Monday 28 January because of the Auckland Anniversary public holiday so collections will be one day later next week.

Bags left in cages or hung from trees or poles will no longer be collected, so please place your rubbish bags on the kerbside, on the morning of the collection day.

If pests are a concern, you can buy a gullinator from any of our Council offices for $15. These are the brainchild of Whangamata resident Anna Fryer and made from sturdy plastic mesh, a hoop and a drawstring and sits over the rubbish bag placed on the kerbside to protect it from pests.

Only fill your glass crate as far as the brim. And please don't put out broken crates. If your crate is broken, bring it to one of our Council offices and we'll replace it for free. If you need additional crates, we sell them for $15.

We can only collect glass left in council crates - it doesn't matter from which council, they're all made to the same specification. The runners clip them to the truck while they're sorting the coloured glass. Please don't leave your glass in other types of crates, e.g. fish crates or cardboard boxes.

Check out our website for more information

Our Refuse Transfer stations are open on public holidays from 10:30am – 6.30pm. If you’re leaving before your Kerbside collection day, you can drop off your rubbish in our official blue rubbish bags and recycling for free at any of our seven Refuse Transfer Stations. See for opening hours and locations.

We also have after-hours rubbish and recycling drop-off facilities at the following Refuse Transfer Stations:

  • Matarangi – 101 Matarangi Dr
  • Pauanui – 887 Hikuai Settlement Rd
  • Tairua – 3 Red Bridge Rd
  • Whangamata – 2755 SH25 (Waihi-Whangamata Rd)

Additionally, you can leave rubbish at one of our compactor units for $2 per bag (coin only). Rubbish bags up to about the size of our blue Council bags will fit in the compactor’s chute.

  • Kuaotunu Boat Ramp – also known as Quarry Point Boat Ramp. SH25 opposite 88 Kuaotunu-Wharekaho Rd.
  • Opoutere - beside the Opoutere Community Hall at the corner of SH25 and Opoutere Rd.
  • Old Coroglen Saleyard site – immediately south of the SH25 bridge over the Waiwawa River. 1909 SH25 Tairua-Whitianga Rd, near the junction with the Tapu-Coroglen Rd.
  • Intersection of Port Jackson and Port Charles roads, at northern end of Colville Road.

See for more informaiton.

Take care and plan ahead on our roads

Stay Alive on 25The Coromandel is a popular destination at this time of year, hosting visitors for numerous events and activities, with many travelling on our roads.

“If everyone leaves plenty of time for their journey, drives to the conditions and plans ahead before leaving home, the worst of the frustrations can be eased and everyone can concentrate on arriving safely,” says our Road Safety Co-ordinator, Ingrid Le Fevre. “We want people to reach their destinations safely and enjoy the long weekend with their friends and family.”

When driving this long weekend, take care to:

  • Drive to the conditions, whether it’s the weather, the time of day or amount of traffic.
  • Take regular breaks to stay alert and ensure fatigue doesn’t affect your driving.
  • Keep a safe following distance from vehicles in front so you can stop safely.
  • Be patient - overtaking is unlikely to make a significant difference to your journey time due to the amount of traffic expected over the weekend.
  • Allow plenty of time, remember you are on holiday and avoid the need to rush.
  • Check your car is in good "health" before you head off.
  • Share the road with cyclists.

The NZ Transport Agency has developed a tool that shows predicted traffic flow across popular journeys based on travel patterns from previous years which includes the Coromandel. It can be found at

Because predicted peak times can change based on incidents, weather and even driver behaviour, we suggest that you check here before you leave for accurate information about current road and traffic conditions. 


Photo Roseanna Davies, Dogs on the beach in WhangamataUntil 31 January and on all holiday weekends between 9am-6pm, dogs are prohibited on the main beach.

Dogs must be on lead when walking in public, approaching a wildlife area and as instructed by a compliance officer. 

To download a copy of the map or to find out the rules for other areas see


Photo: Roseanna Davies - Dogs on the beach in Whangamata.

A responsible dog owner:

  • Picks up their dog's poo. Please carry bags with you or use one of our dog poo bag dispensers across the district.
  • Carries a lead at all times and has their dog under control when off-lead. Unless you are in a designated dog exercise area, you must have your dog on a lead.
  • Ensures their dog is registered and wears a registration tag at all times. If your dog is registered in another district, an ID with your name, address and mobile phone number will help if your dog gets lost or picked up by a Dog Control Officer.
  • Makes sure their dog has access to shade, fresh drinking water and never leaves their dog in a hot car.
  • Remembers the five-second rule: Whenever you take your dog outside, place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can't hold it there for five seconds, it's too hot to walk your dog.
  • Makes sure their property has somewhere to keep their pet safe, secure and under control (and in the shade) where they will not be a nuisance to neighbours.

24/7 Alcohol Ban24/7 Alcohol Ban

As it is a long weekend there is an alcohol ban in place. 

Check the maps showing the alcohol ban areas and dates on our website

Water restrictions

Conserve Water As January’s hot, dry spell continues, residents and holiday makers on the Coromandel are being asked to keep using water carefully to ensure our supply continues.

Following our latest review, all areas of the Coromandel are now on a ‘conserve water’ restriction, which reflects the fact the water supply is expected to come under pressure.

Our Council’s water services team says communities have responded positively to the restrictions we have had over recent weeks, which sees us in a good position with our water supply at the moment.

We'll continue monitoring water use in our nine urban and two rural water supply schemes regularly and reviewing our water restrictions daily. Any changes are posted on our website, email newsletters and our Facebook page.

Summer tips & information

For everything else you need to know including fire bans, boat ramps, freedom camping and more see

You can also get a copy of our summer tips, camping guides, dogs brochure and much more at our Council Service Centres.

Thames Connector

Anniversary weekend - Thames Connector