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Public notification open for consent for Williamson Park

12 July 2018

Public submissions are now open on the proposed 15-year resource consent to allow a total of 20 day-time and seven night-time events, to be held every year at Williamson Park reserve in Whangamata.

Williamson Park entrance

You can now have your say and make a submission online at, or download a submission form here and email or post to Thames-Coromandel District Council,  Private Bag, 515 Mackay Street, Thames, 3500.

Alternatively, you can also submit a hard copy at the Whangamata Area Office, 620 Port Road.

Submissions close Friday 10 August 2018 at 5:00pm.

The consent ensures that existing events such as Beach Hop, Brits at the Beach, Matariki, Anzac Day and markets are able to continue and grow. It will also allow for new events to happen at Williamson Park.

Our Council has applied for resource consent because Williamson Park is a council-owned reserve and the rules relating to festivals and events in our Proposed District Plan have recently been amended, which means resource consent is now required for any event where 500 or more people gather. 

You can view the resource consent application through our Consent Tracker tool on our website here. #RMA/2018/203

If consent is granted, there will still be additional layers of compliance required before an event is able to be held.  This includes food and alcohol licensing requirements and the obligations of the hireage contract between the promoter and Council as owner of the reserve. 

For more information including the full public notice and notification documentation, click here.

Williamson Park Policy for events

The Whangamata Community Board has also drafted a policy to help staff when booking events for Williamson Park.

If consent is granted, the allocation of 20 day events and seven night events will be firstly utilised for the following events/festivals that have been traditionally held in Williamson Park:

  • Anzac Dawn service (1 day)
  • Brits at the Beach (1 day)
  • Sporting events - (2 days)
  • Beach Hop (5 days)
  • Surf club events and Whanga week (4 days)
  • Summer holiday events (5 days, 3 nights)
  • Matariki or community festival (1 night)

Staff may allocate the following day events and night events to concerts that are delivered to a high professional standard through promoters/organisers with a proven track record:

  • Concerts (2 days, 3 nights)

Should any of the above events/festivals not be required in a 12-month period (advised in writing by the community organisation) then the staff may reallocate days or nights that become available (within the Council’s resource consent) to community-organised non-profit events.

Any concerts, and associated services delivered to manage the effects of a concert, organised by professional promoters/organisers will be delivered with no ratepayer contribution.

There will be no concerts delivered by professional promoters over the period 25 December to 4 January. Professionally delivered concerts by promoters will be held outside of this timeframe as the township is already at capacity over this period and concerts can be utilised to attract more visitors in the off-peak and shoulder seasons.  Staff will liaise with the Whangamata Community Board at the earliest opportunity.

Concerts booked for the park will not target solely the youth age group.

This policy will be reviewed by the Community Board on an annual basis and can be reviewed at any time through a Community Board meeting. Events that have been contractually committed will not be affected by a change in the policy.