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Weather warning #2 12.30pm

15 July 2018

SH25 at Manaia officially closed due to flooding

.NZTA site has been updated. This link has the details.

If you're trying to get around  to Coromandel Town and north, best to go the Kopu-Hikaui way through Whitianga, Tairua. All Council roads are open.

Next high tide is 8:45 pm.

We hear power is out around Port Jackson - go to the Powerco site for updates.

Also due to bad weather and the raised water intake stream level - the drinking water at the Matatoki intake is blocked. We are therefore kindly asking all Matatoki water users to conserve water as best they can until we are back to being able to take water from the stream. We will keep you updated as more information comes to hand through our Facebook page.