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Discover art with a view on Whitianga's waterfront

04 July 2019

The latest artwork for Whitianga as part of the nearly completed town centre upgrade has been installed at Taylors Mistake across the Esplanade from the waterfront.

The piece is by local artist Chris Charteris and is called "Nga Tangata O Nga Hau E Wha".

The design incorporates a compass motif and represents the coming together of people from the four winds (nga hau e wha). The circle symbolises unity and peace. It also represents a cycle of time, acknowledging the past, present, and future.

Also recently installed by the waterfront is "Bay Anchor" by Tapu sculptor Jocelyn Pratt.

The piece represents a traditional anchor stone used by iwi on ocean-going waka. It also symbolises the anchoring of vessels in the bay and the movement of waves and currents.

This piece of art has also been installed at Taylors Mistake, looking out to Albert St. The Coromandel tonanite 'granite' sculpture, sitting on a stainless steel plinth was also made by Jocelyn Pratt and is called "Transit".

It calls to mind the witnessing of the Transit of Mercury by Captain Cook in 1769. The large circular shape of the overall piece represents the sun while the smaller circle is Mercury in its transit across the sun. The hole in the piece aligns with the path to the waterfront to where "Nga Tangata O Nga Hau E Wha" can be found.

"The art pieces lead people on a voyage of discovery, much like the journeys of Kupe and Captain Cook, and tie the two stages of the town centre upgrade - the work on Albert Street and the waterfront - together," Andrew Scobie, our project manager for the town centre upgrade, says.

There is one more art piece to be installed next week.

Getting ready to celebrate stage two of the town centre upgrade

The new playground on the waterfront near the wharf is completed. Contractors are waiting for the weather to clear up so they can finish the final touch - the line marking on the concrete path.

Due to weather delays this week the contractors may have to re-shut the playground next week to complete the work that could not be finished off this week.

The playground's official opening is at 11am on 13 July. Celebrations include a free sausage sizzle and free ice cream for children, thanks to Coromandel's More FM.

Our project manager Andrew Scobie says the contractors have done an amazing job.

"We want to thank the community for their patience during the construction and we hope this becomes a new asset that the everyone can enjoy," he says.

For more information visit the project page.

Blacksmith Lane toilet upgrade 

Contractors are continuing to finish the exterior on the upgraded Blacksmith Lane toilets. Installation of the virtex timber cladding has started and the installation of the storm water drain has been completed.

Victoria Street car parking improvement

The entire footpath and kerb have been removed. The contractors have started building the subbase and kerb preparation.

Isabel Lane  car parking improvement

The concrete footpath has been removed as well as the grass area and contractors have started preparing the subbase for asphalt surfacing.