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Exploring options for a natural burial garden in Coromandel-Colville

22 July 2019

We would like to know if there is interest in the northern Coromandel for a natural burial area at either the existing cemetery in Coromandel Town or the one in Colville.

GardenNatural burials are an increasingly popular option for people and families who hold strong environmental beliefs and philosophies, and many cemeteries around New Zealand and the world now have this option available. Natural burials return the body to the earth speedily for the benefit of the environment, and according to the will of the deceased, and the wishes of their families.

A natural burial garden has been in place at Omahu Cemetery, south of Thames, since 2017 with five burials and several plot reservations. It came about after the Thames Natural Burial Group came to our Council with a proposal for an alternative option to conventional burials.

The Coromandel-Colville Community Board signalled they were interested in having an area like Omahu in their ward. Before investigation work begins to extend the area at Buffalo Cemetery, we would like to know if there is community interest for a natural burial area.

We are looking at potential natural burial areas in either

  • Buffalo Cemetery -149 Buffalo Rd, Coromandel Town; or
  • Colville Cemetery - 84 Wood Rd, Colville

Let us know what you think before 16 August by completing a short survey here, or email

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