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Pauanui's Given Grove playground revitalised

24 July 2019

The popular Given Grove playground in Pauanui has been replaced with new equipment designed to fuel children’s imagination.

Pauanui GIven Grove Playground

Given Grove PlaygroundThe official opening took place this morning with students and teachers who helped finalise the design from Tairua School, Hikuai School and Pauanui Pre-school.

The playground is now open to the public and includes a double flying fox, a new swing-set and a ninja multi-play course. The slide is expected to be installed on Friday, but because the playground opening date had already been pushed back due to a short delay with installing the other equipment, we were keen to make the playground available as soon as possible.

“A big thank you to our Council’s Landscape Architect Hannah-Rose White, Playco, Playground Creations, Pauanui Pre-school, Tairua and Hikuai School,” says our Council’s Community Facilities Manager, Derek Thompson.

Playco and Playground Creations are 100 percent New Zealand-made with clean, green, sustainable, locally supplied materials.

“We look forward to now working with the Tairua community on investigating options for a skate park,” says Mr Thompson.

Budget has been set aside in our Long Term Plan to see the Tairua skate path project come to fruition. There is $21,079 this financial year for investigations and concept plans, and a then a further $162,515 in 2020/21 for the physical works.

More information will be made available as the project progresses at

Given Grove Playground