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Building consents now available online

25 June 2018

We have moved our building consent applications to a new online system. Now you can apply anywhere, anytime and it's much easier and quicker than our old paper-based system.

Building consents online TCDC 

Applying online will allow you to attach plans and specifications electronically, then you can track its progress and if further information is required, you will be contacted via email. Then approved consent documents will be distributed by email.

This new system also allows a Code Compliance Certificate to be issued by email once a final inspection has been completed and approved - provided all the documentation including any additional fees have been received.

We're here to help with the transition from paper to online so you'll be up and running in no time. See for more information.

What are the benefits?

Easier to use - No more printing out forms, manually filling them out and then posting them back to us. Simply log in to your secure customer portal in our new system to apply, provide information, and track your progress all in one place.

Less paper - Upload plans and other documents directly into the online system. They'll all be in one place for your reference, and that means fewer stacks of paper in your office.

Faster - Other councils who have adopted similar systems have seen benefits for the customer, for example cost savings with transferring documents rather than delivering or posting. Coming up to speed will be a gradual process for everyone; however, we're sure you'll find the online system much more efficient.