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New flatmates at Tairua library

25 June 2018

The Tairua Information Centre has temporarily moved in to our meeting room at the Tairua District Library, 2 Manaia Rd.

Tairua library-info centre

Tairua info centre"Not only did we manage to fit into our new temporary space, we are enjoying sharing with the library," says Sam Taylor, Tairua Information Centre Manager.

"A huge thank you must be mentioned to the friendly library staff and community groups that have had to find and move to a new meeting space, we hope you are happy in your new-found locations," says Sam.

The Tairua Information Centre moved because its lease had expired and it was the only information centre in the Coromandel not in a council-owned or purpose-built building, paying commercial rent.

Initially there was some concern about moving off the main road, however the signage is up and staff report it’s worked well with tourists finding their way and gets people off the main thorough-fare.

There is a misconception that information centres are just for our visitors, however like our libraries they are for the whole community - a place for people to communicate, share, enquire, volunteer and shop.

"The move into our new shared premises has made this relationship even more obvious, with locals popping in to both areas and creating a one-stop-shop. Both organisations seem to be benefiting with the new-formed hub," says Sam.

Our Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Chair, Bob Renton, agrees. "This merge has created a hub for our community services and is an opportunity for our community to grow and support each other."

What's next?

The Tairua Information Centre has secured a lease for a piece of land in the Tairua campground where it is anticipated an Information and Heritage Centre will be developed.

"We are excited about the prospect of having a heritage centre as Tairua has an amazing story to tell and having all these facilities in one area will continue this wonderful hub we have created for everyone to enjoy," says Sam. "A concept plan is well underway and we can now start fundraising as this new development will not be funded by the ratepayer, however further information and communication with the community will begin soon."

For more information regarding the Tairua information Centre visit, email or phone 07 8647575.