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Chorus confirms Ultra-Fast Broadband schedule for the Coromandel

16 March 2018

Coromandel communities now have more certainty as to when they can expect faster broadband to arrive to their homes and businesses.

Better broadband on the way

Telecommunications company Chorus has today confirmed timings for its programme to roll out ultra-fast broadband fibre cable (UFB) across the country.

The UFB rollout began in Thames last year, but Chorus had not revealed timings for the other communities in our district.

The newly-announced completion dates for fourteen towns in Coromandel are outlined below. This includes  work as part of the UFB2+ extension, which affects eight towns in our district.

The Government's original UFB programme didn't apply to the Coromandel, but six communities were added under the second phase (UFB2).

Then, last year, the programme was expanded again (UFB2+), including more of our communities and advancing the entire fibre installation schedule.

Chorus also announced today that Broadspectrum is its service partner for UFB2 and Visionstream for the UFB2+ extension.

Our Mayor Sandra Goudie welcomes the update and says it's good news for households and businesses in these areas, giving them potential to connect to much faster broadband than is currently available.

"We would still like to have seen areas such as Hot Water Beach included on this list, and we will continue to lobby for its inclusion because it's a huge visitor destination and needs to be given priority," Mayor Sandra says.

"Faster broadband is important to meet anticipated growth in data consumption and to help stimulate economic development across the region."

Read more about broadband on the Coromandel here:

UFB schedule for the Coromandel.

UFB2    Thames - due for completion June 2018
UFB2    Te Puru -  due for completion April 2019
UFB2+  Hahei - due for completion September 2019
UFB2    Coromandel - due for completion January 2020
UFB2+  Kuaotunu - due for completion January 2020
UFB2+  Whangapoua - due for completion January 2020
UFB2+  Matatoki - due for completion March 2020
UFB2+  Tapu - due for completion March 2020
UFB2+  Waiomu  - due for completion May 2020
UFB2    Whitianga - due for completion August 2020
UFB2+  Matarangi - due for completion October 2020
UFB2+  Ferry Landing/Cooks Beach - due for completion May-2021
UFB2    Whangamata - due for completion June 2021
UFB2    Tairua - due for completion March 2022