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Update on boat ramp and harbour facilities around Coromandel Harbour.

02 March 2018

Over summer we've been working on repairs at some of the boat ramps around Coromandel Harbour that were affected by the January storm and king tides, as well as preparing for planned improvements works which will start in the next few months

Here's a breakdown by area:

Amodeo Bay Boat Ramp and Port Charles Wharf - Repairs have been completed on the access road to the Amodeo Bay Boat Ramp. Thanks to Anglers Lodge locals and guests who helped to get the ramp cleaned-up and functional just days after the 2nd January weather event. You can view a video of the repair work here Meanwhile, thanks to local Neil Reid who also helped with a repair at the Port Charles boat ramp, by bolting back down some loose board, which were then signed-off by our Council.

Coromandel Wharf - The January storm also caused damaged to the recreational jetty at the Wharf so had to be demolished due to safety concerns.

Sugarloaf Wharf. There was also some damage at this faciilty, which was overtopped by the tides. However, prompt repairs ensured it was operational quickly with minimum disruption.

Waitete Bay - Further erosion also occurred here following the January storm and king tides. This meant delays in installing a replacement rock wall and culvert, which was work already planned. Construction of a new beach access boat ramp here is also being planned, which is a local community initiative. A design has been agreed on and we are working with the community now on a construction plan and consents.  

Hannafords Wharf - Late last year we found out we were successful in a bid to Government's Infrastructure Tourism Fund for $103,500 worth of work to be done at Hannafords Wharf. The tourism funding submission coincided with Tourism Funding deadlines, met criteria of being tourism based infrastructure that enhanced visitor experience, with Fullers 360 sailing between Coromandel Town and downtown Auckland. The work has been broken down into three packages. 

1. Resealing carpark turnaround area to allow the entrance of the wharf to be formalised and provide room for buses and vehicles to safely turn, relocating pathway to help mitigate erosion, storm water management and to improve access down to the wharf. 

2. Solar powered lighting, path realignment, a retaining wall with outdoor seating.

3. A new visitor shelter for the ferry/bus waiting area also to be erected. 

Following a request by the charter boat industry, construction won't start until April 2018, to avoid disruptions to summer business. Completion will be by June 2018.  



Interest in a marina development.

Over the past few months we’ve been gauging whether there is interest in marina berths in the Coromandel Harbour. We have had an excellent response to our Expression of Interest having received 199 responses so far, with 169 people interested in berths subject to size, type, price and location.  Of the 199 responses 7 have been neutral and 23 opposed for various reasons including issues with dredging, environmental concerns and disposal methodology.

We also had a number of comments including feedback from the community that other marine facilities such as boat ramps, boat storage and haul out facilities are also important.The type, location and size of a potential marina and associated marine facilities has not yet been finalised and a number of concepts are being considered.

Council's role is primarily a facilitation role which involves working with potential developers on projects that support community needs. There are still three different parties on a short-list with interest in building a marina and other ancillary facilities in and around the harbour.

Two proposals involve an unknown quantity of harbour dredging at this early stage, while one proposal includes a boating marina on the end of a long pier which will involve a much lesser degree of seabed disturbance.

Our Council staff and the Coromandel-Colville Community Board have developed a set of evaluation criteria for the proposals received.

Criteria include provision of docking for a ferry and charter boats, boat haul out, recreational boat ramp facilities, and ancillary activities. Other considerations will include impact on the environment, operational sustainability and what degree of Council funding and support could be required. 

We will continue to work with the various parties until a realistic concept has been determined.  There is a way to go in this process including a full consideration of alternatives and a RMA process which we expect will involve full public notification and consultation.