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Changes being made at Sugarloaf Wharf

25 March 2019

The layout at the Sugarloaf Wharf will be reconfigured in early April to better manage commercial and recreational use.

“This is one of our busiest wharfing facilities in the District, as it’s used by the commercial aquaculture industry and recreational fishers,” says Jan van der Vliet our coastal engineer.

“The current lay-out is stretched to its capacity and trying to manage activities of both users is increasingly becoming a challenge to us all," says Mr van der Vliet.

So from April, we’ll be implementing some changes on the wharf which include:

  • Changing the traffic flow and lanes.
  • Reconfiguring parking bays so they to a different angle.
  • Relocating the designated recreational parking bays to the western end of the wharf (near the boat ramps).
  • Relocating the designated commercial parking bays to the eastern end of the wharf (near the wharf warden’s office).
  • Semi-permanent fences and gates are going to be installed to separate the commercial handling area from the public.
  • Designated footpaths will be created for the public.

The re-configuration has been tested over a number of months with users and monitoring actual vehicle movement and parking exercises.

(Sugarloaf Wharf - Upgrade measures and traffic flow map pictured above)

The changes will be done in two stages:

1. Sweeping and cleaning of the wharf area, blackening out of redundant road markings, marking and painting of the new layout as detailed in the picture above.

Weather permitting this will take place Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April during late evening and early morning hours.

2. Installing semi-permanent fences and gates.

In between the two stages marking and fence installation, the commercial area will be coned off.

“We are asking recreational users and the public not to use the wharf facilities on April 3 and 4 so it gives our contractors and the commercial users the opportunity to get everything in place,” says Mr van der Vliet.

“We are realistic and do expect that there might be adjustments while people understand the new traffic management and measures, so we are asking for patience and understanding,” he says.

The most important thing is we’re committed to avoiding and managing the hazards and risk at the Sugarloaf Wharf.

"Under the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and our Marine Bylaws (where appropriate) we are responsible, as the asset owner and one of the main PCBUs’ (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking), that proper measurers are put into place to avoid an or mitigate the hazards and risk to the public and all users of the facility,"  says Mr van der Vliet.