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Plans going ahead for Cooks Beach monument and foreshore work

11 March 2019

The memorial cairn at Cooks Beach is to be reinstated before the Tuia - Mercury Bay 250 Commemorations in November 2019 - along with work along the foreshore.

The memorial, which marked the 1769 visit of Captain Cook to New Zealand, toppled into the sea during a storm in July 2018, after waves eroded the land it was positioned on.

There was no damage to the monument, which is made of Coromandel granite, but we need to rebuild the foreshore and reserve where the cairn was placed.

"We're proposing to build a back-stop wall to protect our infrastructure and reinstate the foreshore and sand dunes," says Jan van der Vliet our coastal engineer.

A concept design was presented at a community meeting on site at the end of December 2018 and we are also consulting with iwi.  One of the most challenging parts will be the transition from the existing rock wall (revetment) to the back-stop wall and dune/reserve as well as the reinstatement of the foreshore.

We are also working with Waikato Regional Council on the design of the structures. As part of this package, we are investigating the potential of a trial groyne in the vicinity of where the cairn is to be placed, to support the re-establishment of the foreshore.

If it all goes to plan, a resource consent application could be submitted in April.

When complete, the track to the cairn will be entered from the playground end of Purangi Reserve, leading to a walkway through the pines.

(Above: A concept drawing of the site where the cairn will be placed).

Your feedback

If you want to share comments or find out more about what we're proposing in relation to: beach access, combination of hard and soft engineering options and the cairn re-instatement concept at the Purangi Estuary send an email to with the subject line "Feedback for Cooks Beach monument".