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Sculpture sought for natural burial garden

12 March 2019

Expressions of interest are being sought for a focal point sculpture for our Council’s first natural burial garden situated at Omahu Cemetery.

Omahu CemeteryThe garden is the result of a working relationship between our Council and the Thames Natural Burial Interest Group which started in 2015 after the desire to have an alternative option to conventional burials was expressed.

Burials take place as naturally as possible. without any items that would interfere with, or pollute, the environment. This means no embalming fluids are used and casket materials are made from biodegradable materials.

The vision for the area is that it is transformed into a woodland setting and act as a living memorial to those choosing to be buried there, and that it becomes a restful space for reflection and remembrance of loved ones.

We are seeking expressions of interest to design and create a sculpture to complement the site and promote the ethos of a natural burial. Applications close 27 March.

The panel selecting the final piece will give consideration to the following design criteria:

  • Presentation – Development and research.
  • Suitability – Robust to withstand environmental conditions, including vandalism.
  • Workmanship – Attention to construction detail and knowledge of natural materials.
  • Complexity – Visually engaging and interesting.
  • Aesthetics – Appropriateness to the site and surrounds.

The indicative budget for the final sculptural work is in the range of $7,000 - $8,000.

For more information and to download the expression of interest document see or contact our or 07 868 0200.