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Coromandel Harbour Projects Update

24 May 2018

We've got a number of projects on-the-go around the Coromandel Harbour to upgrade our boat ramps and wharves as we prepare for more visitors and growing recreational and commercial use.

Expanding and improving our harbour facilities  in a safe and sustainable manner will help cater for growth in our aquaculture and tourism industries - with significant economic benefits for our district.

Work is progressing and here's a brief update on key projects:

Interest in a marine facility development

Proposed Coromandel Town Pita St development May 2018

(Click on the above graphic to open a larger version)

We have been working with interested parties to facilitate the development of a marine facility in Coromandel Town. 

One proposal by Pita Street Developments (led by local Coromandel Town developer Gilbert James) is well advanced and is focused on establishing a marine basin and service facility near the centre of the town of Coromandel.

The proposed marine facility would include boat-stack storage on land, limited berths for fishing charter boats, a marine services area for minor maintenance, facilities for charter vessels and a potential ferry landing. (See diagram above)

If successful, the project should enable enhancement of recreational trailer vessel launching ramp facilities at Jacks Point which is proposed in our Council's Long Term Plan. This sets out our projects, services and budgets for the next ten years.

Other marina development concepts are also progressing. One example is the Pier Trust proposal which aims to build an 800m-pier with a 60-80 berth floating marina with ancillary tourist activities and services.

Our Mayor Sandra Goudie says it's important to be clear any such proposals need to be privately or central government-funded as our Council is in no position to fund them.

"Council's role is primarily a facilitation role, which involves working with potential developers on projects that support community needs," Mayor Sandra says.

There are avenues available for developers to access government support, such as the Provincial Growth Fund.

Our Council staff and the Coromandel-Colville Community Board have developed evaluation criteria for harbour proposals that require our Council's support. Current criteria includes provision of docking for a ferry and charter boats, boat haul-out, recreational boat ramp facilities, and associated ancillary activities. We also consider  impact on the environment, operational sustainability and the nature of any Council support required.

We will keep working with the various parties until a realistic concept or concepts have been determined.  There is a way to go in this process including full consideration of alternatives and a RMA process which we expect will involve full public notification and consultation.

See for more information.

Hannafords Wharf

Work is well underway at Hannafords Wharf with the new path, erosion protection measures and retaining wall completed.  The shelter is now up (see photo above) and sealing of the turn-around area and improvements to solar lighting started earlier this month.  This work has been 50% funded by the Government's Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF)  to the value of $103,500. The project met TIF funding criteria in that it enhanced visitor experience, with Fullers 360 sailing between Coromandel Town and downtown Auckland. Completion is due before the end of June 2018.

Sugarloaf Wharf

We continue to work with CoroMFA and Hauraki Aquaculture Futures to determine the best way forward for the Sugarloaf Expansion Project. It is likely that external funding may be required, so we are working with regional and central government to facilitate this project where appropriate.

Waitete Bay

This work is looking at mitigating erosion that occurred here following the January storm and king tides. Due to this erosion, there's been a delay in installing a replacement rock wall and culvert. So far, the coastal erosion protection works have been designed and a contractor selected. Due to the current shortage of rock for the work, suppliers are working with NZTA on their requirements for the Thames Coast to see if we can source some material. The coastal protection work takes into consideration boat access and community needs, along with engineering requirements. 

Coromandel Wharf

The required maintenance of the wharf to ensure it's up to health and safety standards will start this month and be completed by the end of this financial year. Concept designs, and appropriate user needs are being developed for the replacement of the section that was damaged and had to be removed in the January 2018 storm.

Amodeo Bay Boat Ramp and Port Charles Wharf

Repairs have been completed on the access road to the Amodeo Bay Boat Ramp. Thanks to Anglers Lodge locals and guests who helped to get the ramp cleaned-up and functional just days after the January weather event. You can view a Facebook video of the repair work here  Meanwhile, thanks to local Neil Reid who also helped with a repair at the Port Charles boat ramp, by bolting back down some loose board, which was then signed-off by our Council.