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Feetstreat put best foot forward during Town Centre upgrade

29 May 2018

Feetstreat is a traditional family shoe retailer based in Whitianga and one of the businesses affected during Stage One of the main street upgrade. While businesses are open to the public, the street remains closed to vehicle traffic for another couple of weeks.

Feetstreat Manager Rowena Preston

Photo: Feetstreat Manager Rowena Preston.

Graham Caddy has been the owner and director of Feetstreat for almost 15 years and his partner Rowena Preston is the Manager of the store. Being locally owned and operated means customers get the benefit of a full knowledge of all the stock in store.

"We're an old fashioned shoe shop and we cater for everything from fashion shoes to casual shoes, sports shoes to tramping boots, handbags, wallets, beach wear, socks and more," says Graham. "We try and give the same personal service you would have expected out of a shoe shop operating 20 years ago - that’s our mantra."

Graham has lived in Whitianga since 1994, before that he was on a farm in Whenuakite. "I came here for the lifestyle, it’s a neat little place and you couldn’t get a better outlook," he says. "I am into my diving and fishing, not so much diving these days, but I like to get out on my boat when I can."

Graham is heavily involved with the local Coastguard and is Vice President of Operations regionally. He reckons that takes up a lot of his time, which is why you will mostly see his partner Rowena in the shop.

"The town centre upgrade work has impacted on our business as we have lost our through traffic, which is 40% of our business, but we realise that it had to be done and the end product will be worth it," says Graham.  "We've just kept on keeping on and tried to not let it affect us and our customers - short term pain for long term gain is how were looking at it."

Pop in to the store at 56 Albert St and treat your feet this week. They also guarantee that online customers will receive the same service and follow up that personal in-store shoppers do. Check out their website for free delivery and more information

And as part of the buy local campaign to support local businesses during the town centre upgrade, all in-store purchases this week will go in the draw to win a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm this winter.

Works going on this week

  • Completion of storm water drainage at the intersection of Albert Street and Lee Streets.
  • Excavation at the intersection of Blacksmith Lane and Albert Street. (Note: The intersection is now closed to traffic, detour signs in place for a couple of weeks).
  • Completion of kerb placement to the east side of Albert Street.
  • Footpath preparation for paving blocks from Monk Street to Taylors Mistake.
  • Placement and compaction of road metal to form new road base course layer.
  • Placement of new footpath paving blocks at the intersection of Monk Street and Albert Street
  • Construction of new pedestrian crossings to the east side of Albert Street.
  • Excavation of new tree pits on the east and west sides of Albert Street.

Informer newspaper - buy local campaign

The local Mercury Bay Informer newspaper is holding a “Buy Local and Win” competition. The aim is to support the local business community through a less than ideal time.

To win is easy. Simply drop proof of your support of a Whitianga business (any business, not just those along Albert Street) into the large bin on the front verandah of their office in Monk Street, Whitianga. Proof can be in the form of an invoice or receipt. Please write your name and phone number on the invoice or receipt.

On the last day of every month, they will draw one of the invoices/receipts out of all the entries they’ve received that month. The owner of the winning invoice/receipt will receive a $100 voucher to spend at any of the advertisers that have advertised in The Informer during that month.

The Informer will run the competition for eight months, until the end of November, when the Albert Street component of the Whitianga town centre upgrade is expected to be completed.

But that’s not all. There will be a second chance to win. As soon as Albert Street is open for traffic again, all the entries they’ve received over the eight month period will go into another, final draw. The owner of the winning invoice/receipt will this time around receive $500 to spend at any of the businesses that have advertised in The Informer during the period Albert Street was closed for traffic.

The more regularly you buy local, the better chance you have to win.