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Lunch and a pint while watching Whitianga town centre progress

08 May 2018

We're really starting to see progress with the Whitianga town centre upgrade with our contractors getting stuck into the below ground works. Above ground we're profiling local businesses who are near the construction works. This week we talk to Brent and Sheeree Prisk co-owners of Frankies Sports Bar & Grill.

Brent and Sheeree Prisk are joint owners of Frankies with Paul and Fleur Clayton.  They're relatively new business owners, since November 2017, and were fully aware of the plans for the Town Centre Upgrade, at the time of purchase and have been adjusting to the works.

With works happening right outside their door, they made mention that for their customers it's made great conversation while they're having lunch and a pint

Brent and Sheeree noted that it has definitely become quieter since Easter, but being new to the business, they weren't in a position to know whether the works were causing any extra pressure on winter turnover.  They appreciate their loyal patrons who still make it down for happy hour (or happy 3.5 hours) which runs from 3:00 - 6:30pm weekdays, along with 'Jugs Out Thursday' where jugs of beer are $10.00 all day.

Being Classic Car enthusiast themselves, on the first Sunday of every month they host the Classic Car Club for a $10.00 breakfast. The Classic cars can be parked around the town and down the Service Lane while the works are underway.  Frankie's owners can't wait for the time when these Classic cars can park along the main road and all enjoy breakfast around the new look Town Centre. Brent is also keen to see more on the design and stone and pavers that may be used.

With 8 staff through winter and double that number in summer, they still find time to sponsor a few local groups, including the Mercury Bay Rugby and Sports Club and the Power Boat Racing which is coming to town this weekend on 12 May. They also get behind the Mercury Bay Golf Club and are helping a young local lad, Joshua Reihana towards his goal of raising funds to attend the Hillary Leadership Course in Tangariro, just to name a few of their give backs to their local community.

Obviously they're looking forward to the completion of the works and feel it is only going to be good for the town in the long run, while working through the current work in progress.

So pop on down and support Frankies, while enjoying a coffee, lunch, beer and or a wine while getting a front row seat to the work in progress.

You can check their website for more info here.

Works going on this week.

  • We're connecting the new potable water network to the existing water network. there will be a night time shut down on Tuesday 8 May. We have a back up water tanker on site if needed.
  • We're completing the 975 storm water line discharging into Taylors Mistake heading creek.
  • We're putting in kerbing on the west and east sides of Albert Street and excavating the existing pavement to a new design subgrade on the eastern side, which will include placement of geotextile fabric.
  • We're continuing with putting in the new road sub-base layer and continuing with the installation of Chorus 50mm fibreducting. (This does not include installing the actual fibre, which Chorus will have to do).
  • We're doing ground preparation for the installation of new light poles.
  • We have heard some people on Albert St are having disruptions with their phone lines. Please  get in touch with us and we will help rectify the situation with Chorus's help.