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Wastewater inspection information for Thames area

16 May 2018

Over the next two weeks, starting Monday 21 May, our water services team is doing some extensive cleaning and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) inspections of the public wastewater network in the following areas.

  • Smoke water testingThames: Moanataiari - Centennial Avenue, Fergusson Drive, Ensor St, Moanataiari Street.
  • All properties from the reserve at Kuranui Bay North to over the bridge at Tararu Creek Road.

A CCTV inspection involves sending a camera through a pipeline to check the interior condition of our wastewater pipes.

Residents in these areas will see our contractors, Veolia and Hydrotech, in the area accessing manholes to clean and inspect the lines.  

Following on from the cleaning and CCTV work we will be carrying out smoke testing in these areas. This is expected to start 5 June, which will help us identify where stormwater may be getting into the wastewater network. 

All affected properties that will be smoke tested will be notified with a letter drop by the contractor in the next two weeks.

Smoke testing involves using a smoke machine to fill the wastewater mains in your area with smoke and then tracing the exit points of the smoke to determine where the odours are escaping.

Assuming that all your wastewater plumbing is properly connected, no smoke will enter your house during the process.

The smoke is harmless; it is non-toxic, has no odour and does not create a fire hazard.

We wish to thank residents for their patience while this work is undertaken and we will endeavour to cause as little inconvenience as possible.