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Appeal withdrawn for Williamson Park Resource Consent

23 May 2019

An appeal against a resource consent to hold events at Williamson Park in Whangamata has been withdrawn following a mediation hearing.

Williamson ParkLast year an application for a comprehensive consent for 20 daytime and 7-night events per year, for 15 years for Williamson Park was approved by an independent RMA commissioner, but then held up following an appeal last December.

Our council lodged the resource consent because Williamson Park is a council-owned reserve and the rules relating to festivals and events in our Proposed District Plan have recently been amended, which means a resource consent is now required for any event where 500 or more people gather.

Following a mediation hearing, the appeal has now been withdrawn and the resource consent has been granted by independent RMA Commissioner, Paul Cooney. The consent is subject to conditions, such as ticketed events, restricting public access to the reserve shall be limited to one event annually, occurring outside of the period of 25 December to 4 January. You can read the full report here (RMA2018/203).

There will still be additional layers of compliance required before an event is able to be held.  This includes food and alcohol licensing requirements and the obligations of the hireage contract between the promoter and Council as owner of the reserve.  The consent is consistent with the Whangamata Community Board policy on use of Williamson Park which you can read here.

You can also view the request for consent order to withdraw appeal here.

If you would like to discuss your ideas for an event in our District, please contact our District Events Coordinator, Kirstin Richmond - or 027 201 7918. For more information on upcoming events subscribe to our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook.