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Thames Community Board supports making the Thames Connector bus a permanent service

20 May 2020

At its meeting today, held in a mix of in-person and online, the Thames Community Board gave its support to making the Thames Connector public bus service permanent, and recommended that funding for it be included in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan.

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Below is a summary of the meeting. You can watch the unedited recording of the meeting and view the agenda at

Community Liaison Representatives Terms of Reference

At its 26 February meeting, the Board chose representatives to liaise with community groups in a range of areas and issues, such as the Sir Keith Park Memorial Airfield, youth, creative industries, sports and recreation, public transport and more.

The full list of activity portfolios and their Board representatives as well as the terms of reference are on the meeting agenda here.

The Board also requested that terms of reference be drawn up that clearly define the roles of the representatives and how they should relate to internal and external stakeholders, such as being the initial point of contact for an organisation on behalf of the Board, developing an effective working relationship between the Board and the organisation if necessary and liaising with Council staff. The Board adopted the terms of reference.

Thames Business Association - Request for Funding for Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera

The Board decided to defer the decision, pending further discussions with the Association on overall funding and the provision of a final quote for purchase and installation of cameras and ongoing maintenance costs associated with them.

Public Transport in Thames

Thames Connector bus

The Board agreed to support the popular Thames Connector moving from a trial basis to a permanent service, and recommended that funding for the bus be included in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan. The Board has drafted a letter to co-funders Waikato Regional Council and NZ Transport Agency in support of the move.

Commercial Operators Licenses on Council Reserves 

The Board approved Commercial Operators Licenses for mobile catering businesses to operate on two Council reserves. The application of Treats food and beverage caravan for a license to continue to operate at the Danby Field car park in Thames on Queen Street was approved.

A license for a similar business at Te Mata Reserve was approved. Other applications for food and beverage trailers to operate at other locations were turned down on the grounds that either there are similar businesses nearby already in operation, or it was an inappropriate activity at the location suggested.

District Sports Plan

The Board endorsed the draft Thames-Coromandel District Sport and Active Recreation Plan and requested that Council adopt the Plan when it goes to them at their next meeting on 23 June.

The Plan, the first of its kind for the district, would align our district with the Sport Waikato Regional Facilities Plan and other councils in the Waikato with similar plans. The Plan was developed with the input of about 75 per cent of the sport and recreation clubs in the district. It looks at gaps in the provision of facilities as well as opportunities to grow sport and recreation in our communities. See the draft plan here.

Veolia lease

The Board voted to recommend that Council renew Veolia’s lease on its premises at 102 Burke Street in Thames for five years at a market rate being determined now by Registered Valuers.

Open Space and Community Facilities Strategy


The intent of the Strategy is to enable our Council to rationalise its approach to reserves, open spaces and community facilities to ensure that our services in these areas are being delivered in the manner that is most efficient for ratepayers. It is also intended that the Strategy would inform our District Plan, Long Term Plan and Development Contributions Policy.

The Board agreed to provide staff with additional comments individually via email for consideration by Council at its 23 June meeting. You can view the draft here.

Coastal panels

Shoreline Management Plan banner

Board members Cherie Staples and Peter Revell were chosen to be the Board’s members on the Coastal Panel for the Thames Coast.

Board Work Programme

Thames to Tararu speed limit: The Board discussed the speed limit on SH25 from the north end of Thames to Tararu and agreed that they would like it lowered from 70kmh to 50kmh for safety reasons. Moanataiari School is nearby, there are several businesses and other organisations fronting the road and in the middle of that section is a popular beachfront reserve with a covered BBQ/picnic area. The Board is drafting a letter of request to NZ Transport Agency to request the lower speed limit and will be canvassing the businesses and clubs in the area to ask for their support.

Patui Avenue, Ngarimu Bay, footpath construction: Work began this week and consultation is ongoing with Chorus contractors to ensure ultra-fast broadband fibre installation is conducted at the same time with minimum disruption.

Thames Centennial Pool: Council approved the installation of heat pumps to replace the failing boiler used to heat the pool’s water. Work is expected to place in July.