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Cooks Beach tsunami open day this weekend

16 November 2018

A tsunami open day will be held in Cooks Beach this Saturday, 17 November from 10am-12pm at the Cooks Beach Community Hall. This gives the local community an opportunity to learn about tsunami and the potential threat to the Cooks Beach, Flaxmill Bay and Ferry Landing areas.

Cooks Beach

Photo: Ben Frost (Brown NZ Ltd)

The open day allows the public to talk directly with the tsunami specialists and emergency managers who have worked on the community response plan project.

"Tsunami modelling work has been completed to better understand the potential impacts of a tsunami on Mercury Bay," says Rick Liefting, Waikato Regional Council's Regional Hazards and Environmental Compliance team leader.

"The modelling work uses the latest mapping tools and tsunami computer models to determine where sea inundation is likely to occur from various sources of tsunami," he says.

Seismic activity along the Tonga-Kermadec Trench, just off East Cape, could produce significant tsunami inundation in Mercury Bay. In such events, you might only have an hour to react before a tsunami arrives.

Recently our TCDC Emergency Management Unit Officer, Pamela Balt, has been working with the community to re-establish a response group for this area. The group has met several times and this is an opportunity for them to have the science explained so they can then share the messaging with the rest of the community in an emergency response brochure.

"Alerting and evacuation are among the two biggest concerns locals have in a tsunami," says Ms Balt. "Community response plans are being developed to ensure there are measures in place to help the communities look after themselves. When a natural disaster hits, communities may need to take care of themselves for up to three days before help can arrive."

You can view our community guides to emergencies for other areas here.

If you’re not able to attend the open day, please visit Waikato Regional Council’s website here to read about the tsunami modelling and assessments, and to look at the maps for your area.

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