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Planned road works and closures

19 November 2018

If you travel on our Coromandel roads on a regular basis then you may have noticed signage about the upcoming evening road closures and road works.

NZTA road worksTo ensure asphalt road resurfacing work can take place, State Highway 2 through the Karangahake Gorge will be closed from 8pm – 5.00am on Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 November. The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists to plan ahead to avoid the resurfacing hours.

Leading up to summer there will be various road works across the Thames-Coromandel District, so keep an eye out for speed restrictions and warnings. Over the next few days the following work is taking place:

  • SH25 (between Silverstream Falls Road and Sailors Grave Road) until Tuesday 20 November
  • SH25 (between Whiritoa and Waihi) until Wednesday 21 November
  • SH25A (Kopu-Hikaui Summit) from Wednesday 21 - Thursday 22 November

Summer is the optimum time for this work to occur as it is warmer, allowing bitumen to stick more effectively to the road surface and for crews to have more daylight hours and visibility for greater safety.

Summer is also the time for holidays and events, and road works at these times can create some frustrations for road users. “If you’re intending to travel during this time, allow extra time for your journey and please make sure you are focused on your driving and have no distractions,’ says our Council's road safety coordinator Ingrid Le Fevre.

"It is anticipated over the summer many of you will be travelling on our roads with friends and family, so we have some tips on how to combat fatigue," says Ms Le Fevre.

These include:

  • Get a good night's sleep before travelling
  • Plan two-hourly pull-over spots
  • Take a water bottle with you to keep hydrated
  • Allow plenty of time for the trip
  • If you're travelling with others, share the driving.

If you're the passenger you can also help by keeping the driver refreshed and reminding them of the tips above.

The Transport Agency thanks motorists for their patience and understanding while this essential maintenance is completed ahead of the summer holiday period. Please keep to the temporary speed limit to ensure the safety of the road crews and all motorists.

Tips for driving on freshly-laid chip seal:

  • Get ready: slow down to the temporary speed limit before reaching the coned area
  • Leave space: keep at least 2 car lengths from the vehicle in front
  • Avoid braking: tap the brakes lightly if required
  • Don’t drive too fast: your vehicle will scatter road chips and may damage other vehicles
  • Don’t drive too slow: your vehicle will sink into the road surface causing bitumen and chips to stick to your wheels
  • Avoid heavy braking: keep moving and avoid sudden braking to avoid damaging the fresh surface

Vehicles travelling at the temporary speed limit of 30 k/ph help press the new chips into the seal. Road sweepers will regularly go over the new seal to remove loose chips.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has the latest information about road closures and issues on state highways in our district (e.g. the Thames Coast Road, Kopu-Hikuai Road) online at You can also call NZTA on 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) for traffic and travel information or you can use their journey-planning website to plan the best route for your journey, taking into account known issues and traffic on state highways. You can also follow them on Facebook here.  Also, check NZTA's hotspot map for information on times where traffic is heaviest.

You can plan ahead by viewing our weekly road maintenance schedule for local council roads at . If you have any questions or see a local Council road that is impassable for some reason, please call us on 07 868 0200. We will also post any updates on our Facebook page and website.