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Powerco stations rapid responder at Whangamata

21 November 2018

Powerco will station a field service technician at Whangamata over the summer holiday season to help minimise the duration of any unplanned power cuts.

PowerCoPowerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said they have consulted extensively with the community and businesses in the area over recent years, meeting with a range of stakeholders and attending meetings with Enterprise Whangamata.

Mr Marsh said Powerco was acutely aware of the impact power cuts had on Whangamata, particularly the economic impact to businesses during the busy summer season.

“Powerco is committed to improving network performance across the entire Coromandel
District,” says Mr Marsh. “Because Whangamata is only supplied by a single line from Waihi, we will be stationing a field service technician there to ensure a rapid response in the event of any unplanned power cut.”

“The line between Waihi and Whangamata has recently undergone extensive refurbishment. However due to the rugged terrain and the exposure to severe weather, the line is subject to damage,” says Mr Marsh. “By having someone stationed in Whangamata will help reduce the amount of time it takes to locate any damage should a power cut occur over the peak holiday season.”

“We understand that many of the businesses in Whangamata generate 80 to
90 per cent of their income over the holiday season, so if we can minimise the risk and duration of power cuts during this time, we minimise any adverse economic impact to the area,” he adds.

Mr Marsh said the on-call field service technician will be stationed in Whangamata from 23 December 2018 to 3 January 2019.

Mr Marsh said additional field staff will also be available if needed, to respond to any power cuts elsewhere in the Coromandel, recognising the economic impacts of unplanned cuts during the holiday peak were much higher, than in the quieter seasons.

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