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Stage Two of the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade starts next year

06 November 2018

Dempsey Wood Civil has been awarded the tender for Stage Two of the Town Centre upgrade, which is from Taylors Mistake, through The Esplanade down to the Whitianga Wharf.

Stage Two has been contracted to Dempsey Wood and the playground will be sub-contracted to Playground Creations, an approved contractor who has completed similar work on facilities in our district.

Stage Two of the town centre upgrade includes pavement widening, a new pedestrian crossing to provide safe pedestrian access to the harbour and associated adjacent infrastructure upgrade work.  The existing children’s playground  will be upgraded and new play equipment installed.  All of this work will start in March 2019.

“Dempsey Wood Civil has proved they can deliver the goods from the work we’ve seen with Stage One of the Town Centre upgrade along Albert St,” says Andrew Boden our Council’s project manager on the upgrade.

“They’ve had an excellent health and safety record, their site management has been of an extremely high standard and the workers have established a close working relationship with the local contractors we have employed, as well as good day-to-day communications, traffic management and pedestrian management.”

“Dempsey Wood Civil has also made a conscious effort to employ locally based subcontractors and suppliers at every opportunity,” says Mr Boden.

The cost for Stage Two works is budgeted at approximately $1.5million.

Phase 3 - Albert St from Blacksmith Lane to Campbell Street

The parking bays in Phase 3 are closed to public access to enable full completion of pedestrian footpaths. All work, including the parking bays, is expected to be completed by the end of November (weather permitting). Other works going on include:

  • Installing paving bands to asphalt footpath areas along with pavers to the east and west side of Albert St.
  • Continue installation of street signs.
  • Place asphalt on footpath areas, subject to weather.

Carina Creek refurbishment

This work is part of our 2018-2028 Long Term Plan decisions to tidy up the surrounding scrub around the creek bed and is expected to be completed this financial year (November 2018).

Carine Headwall

The build of a headwall over Carina Creek at the Albert St entrance to Taylors Mistake started on 17 October.   A headwall is a culvert that functions as a retaining wall as a means to divert flow.  Precast concrete headwalls and wingwalls are a vital component of drainage culverts and bridge sections.Work can only be done when it is low tide and the work on the head wall is weather permitting but is expected to be completed this financial year (November 2018). 

Taylors Mistake Plaza

A plaza and canopy shelter is also being built at the entrance to Taylors Mistake. This is a free-standing 15m x 5.5m canopy, which will shield the public from sun and rain at the plaza square. The canopy design will be sent for fabrication and installed once the plaza has been completed. The concrete pour for the plaza is starting at the end of this week and the canopy is to be completed by December 2018.

For more information on the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade please visit our project page.

Chique the place to go for décor, gifts, and clothes for little darlings during Whitianga Town Centre upgrade

Every week we promote a local business inside the Town Centre upgrade. This week we spoke to Johanna and Anna, Johanna bought the building in Whitianga and since then they have created their retail dream.

“I moved to Whitianga 38 years ago, before I was managin the shop I used to teach at a language school,” says Anna.

"I moved here 16 years ago and before the shop I was teaching here," says Johanna.

“We love Whitianga, we saw this as a business opportunity for us because we love boutique and décor and there is no other shop in Whitianga like this one. We also wanted people to have another choice of children’s wear, gifts, and toys for newborns. I also do consultations for home décor,” says Anna.

“I have always had a passion and interest in home décor, in my spare time outside of work I run my personal Airbnb, I also enjoy mountain biking and spending time at the beach” says Anna.

Anna and Johanna love their Whitianga lifestyle with the sandy beaches and friendly communities.

“Since Johanna bought the shop we have never looked back, we are doing something we love and creating an experience for customers,” says Johanna.

“The shop has been well received, people are happy to come in and look at new things, because we are tucked away down the side on 11 Coghill Street most people are not aware that we are actually here,” says Johanna.

“Phase Three of the town centre upgrade has almost created more people coming into the shop because people are walking the street and noticing our signage” says Anna.

“The town centre upgrade has given the town a facelift exactly what it needed, it has become more pedestrian and people friendly with an al fresco dining feeling in the air,” says Johanna.

Anna and Johanna at Chique on 11 Coghill Street would like to invite you to come in and check out their unique décor and gifts. They are having a sale on selected baby and décor items. With Christmas just around the corner this is perfect opportunity to grab gifts or vouchers for your loved ones.

For more information check out their Facebook page here.