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Coastal erosion project at Cooks Beach is underway

22 November 2019

We are making progress on our coastal management projects, and this week we're starting the installation of a backstop wall at Cooks Beach.

(Location of works pictured above)

The wall will be set below ground level to protect existing infrastructure (road, footpath, water supply, stormwater and waste water pipes) from the sea. The consent for the backstop wall was granted from Waikato Regional Council (WRC), with construction expected to take four weeks to complete. There may be some minor sand push-up work done, once backstop wall construction has been completed, to ensure the area is in good condition for the summer period.

Our contractor, Land + Sea Civil Ltd set up on site last week. The area will be fenced off to protect the public during the construction period.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and will make all effort to minimise disruption. During the construction period, the contractors will be using excavation equipment and trucks so there will be some noise during working hours, but the contractors will aim to keep this to a minimum.

We are working on resource consent for the installation of a sandbag groyne, which will be placed at the eastern end of the beach at Flaxmill Bay. A groyne will help sand build-up and prevent the beach from being washed away by longshore drift and slow down the process of erosion.

The sandbag groyne will be installed early to mid-2020 and once completed there will be dune plantings, dependent on suitable planting conditions. Until that time, the beach nourishment will be maintained.

Dune plant seed workshop

2.30 - 4.00PM Sunday 1 December at Marine Parade (middle of Cooks Beach).

Jo from Coastlands Plant Nursery is visiting us in Mercury Bay to harvest this year's dune plant seeds and has kindly offered to run a workshop - 'how to collect seeds'. This is a crucial stage of the coastal restoration process.

Join us with Cooks Beachcare Group and Coastlands Plant Nursery for this informative, interactive session and help us restore, maintain and protect our precious Coromandel coastlines. Bring your hat, sunscreen, water bottle and garden gloves.

Find out more about our coastal management work here.