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Coromandel Town street improvements nearing main intersection

15 November 2019

The work to reduce the camber, or slope, of Coromandel Town’s main street is now approaching the intersection of Tiki, Wharf and Kapanga roads.

Coromandel Town streetworks

(Photo: Wharf Rd near the intersection with Tiki and Kapanga roads)

The crew has worked up one side of the street to the north end of town and has now worked back down the other side to the main intersection.

The crew from our contractor, Downer, is undercutting the road pavement and digging out the existing roadbed material, in order to replace it with new metal. A new base course will be laid on top of that metal and then the asphalt surface can be applied over that.

The Downer project manager, Andre Stickling, says some time was lost due to the rain earlier this week, but the work is expected to be completed by about 19 or 20 December.

The previously steep slope of the road had meant car doors would frequently swing open onto verandah posts or scrape the footpath, and passengers would have difficulty climbing out of vehicles.

The project also involves upgrading the stormwater drainage system on the roads.

“The last bit of drainage work has been done and the hook-up should be completed this afternoon,” Mr Stickling says.

Tiki, Wharf and Kapanga roads are all open to traffic now, but there will be short delays due to stop-go traffic management while work is taking place on one side of the road or the other for the next month.

Our Council has been holding weekly meetings for residents and businesspeople to attend and get an update on the project and also to express any views or concerns they have.

The next meeting is next Wednesday (20 November) at the Coro Café, 36 Kapanga Road, at 9am.

Therapeutic Glimmer offers art and hope

Therapeutic Glimmer

(Photo: Beautiful artworks and therapeutic products are available at Therapeutic Glimmer.)

Caroline Harrison has just opened Therapeutic Glimmer, a māori holistic art gallery, at 191 Kapanga Road.

While the noise and dust from the roading project has meant she’s had to keep her doors closed, she appreciates that the work has to be done.

“It’s very important,” says Caroline. “Tourism is going to expand and for local people as well, standards have to be kept up. It’s important for our roads to keep up with traffic and growth, not just in summer but in winter as well.”

“The contractors have been sensitive to the township even though some businesses, like mine, have had to keep our doors shut to keep the dust out. I’ve got sensitive art material. The noise is to be expected during an upgrade like this,” she says.

Caroline was a law student until recently, when she returned to her hometown of Coromandel Town to open the gallery and help restore Harataunga Marae in Kennedy Bay. She also works for a local social services organisation called Te Ahi Kaa.

For Caroline, the various strands of her life are about healing and authentic expression.

“I believe the gallery is a platform for māori to showcase their artistic expression. Everybody’s been saying it’s exactly what we need – bringing authentic representations of māori art into town.

“Everyone is welcome to step into the gallery,” she says. “I like to acknowledge who they are and where they come from. Everyone brings their own unique style and some form of knowledge – it helps me to understand all cultures.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported the shop – the artists and the customers,” Caroline says.

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