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New Community Boards get underway

19 November 2019

Meetings of the newly-elected Community Boards got underway this week, with some new and returning faces around the tables to represent and advocate for the communities they represent for the three-year term ahead.

Meetings of the newly-elected Community Boards got underway this week, with some new and returning faces around the tables to represent and advocate for the communities they represent for the three-year term ahead.

The Tairua-Pauanui Community Board was the first to meet on Monday, electing Warwick Brooks as its chairperson and Chris New as the deputy chairperson.

The Whangamata Community Board met yesterday, electing Ken Coulam as its chairperson and Dave Ryan as the deputy chairperson.

Some of the items discussed at both meetings are outlined below.

Tairua-Pauanui Community Board chairperson Warwick Brooks (left) and Chris New (right).

Whangamata Community Board chairperson Ken Coulam (right) and Dave Ryan (left).

The Thames Community Board meets today and the Mercury Bay and Coromandel-Colville Community Boards will meet next week.

For more information on our five Community Boards across the district, and elected members for our Council, see here

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Members of the public are welcome to attend and have the opportunity to speak and raise matters in the public forum.

Tairua-Pauanui Community Board

Image: Artist's impression of a new toilet block at Pepe Reserve, Tairua.

The Monday meeting’s public forum saw members of the community raise matters including increased traffic and speed limits in the Hikuai area on State Highway roads (SH25, which is managed by NZTA), dumping of rubbish, security cameras at the Pepe Bridge, car parking around Paku and stormwater maintenance and the clearing of drains.

Pepe Reserve public conveniences - The Board approved the design of a new eight-toilet complex to replace the current facility that needs upgrading.   The design (see artists impression above) will be similar to the Hot Water Beach toilet block and local artists will be invited to provide some creative flair.   Our Council has received Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF) funding of $412,000 towards construction, which is scheduled for March 2020.  Replacement of the Sailors Grave toilets will take place around the same time while contractors are in the area.

Tairua skate path  - A community-driven project to identify a suitable site for the new skate path has been initiated by the Board.   Staff have identified a number of locations and are looking at the pros and cons of each site for suitability, while talking to local schools.    Health and safety matters are a major consideration when looking for a suitable site and a stakeholder group is to be set up to work through the locations and design.   Public consultation will open in the New Year.


Whangamata Community Board

Image: Artist's impression of the new toilet facility at Onemana.

Onemana public toilets - The Board was updated on the upgrade of public toilet facilities at Onemana, which were earlier this year approved for co-funding to a value of $108,352 from the Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF). The upgrade is necessary to meet the high visitor numbers at Onemana over summer and for Beach Hop in March. Community feedback, following public consultation over last summer, has led to changes to the design, including splitting the building into two units and use of wood cladding and landscaping. Two toilet blocks are now on site, with local builders ready to construct the roof and shelter – scheduled for completion and ready for use before Christmas. Landscaping will be completed after summer.     

The Board was updated on the estimated final cost of the project, $244,559 and recommended Council approve the new project budget of $244,559 of which $108,352 is to be funded by TIF and the remaining $136,207 funded from Whangamata local public convenience activity.

Whangamata skate park – Refurbishment of the old bowl  starts on 8 December. Much of the community feedback supported the design, with some minor amendments.
The construction team will be working between the hours of 9am-5pm, when the facility will be closed, but may be open for use outside those hours.  While it's not ideal to have the work take place during school holidays, the contractor is in high demand across the country, and the next available date for the work was the middle of next year.

Whangamata Harbour Care grant application - The Whangamata Harbour Care group approached the Community Board for additional financial support towards its pest eradication programme and its work to protect and enhance the Whangamata Harbour. The Board agreed to allocate $4000 from its discretionary fund to support this work.

Grey Power Whangamata grant application - Council staff will provide Grey Power Whangamata with a letter to show support, in principle, and have indicated the use of $5000 of discretionary funding towards a feasibility study pending an independent quote and evidence of other external funding being sourced.     

Whangamata Community Gardens Inc grant application - The Board agreed to allocate $2,500  from its 2019/2020 Discretionary Fund (of $20,000) to  Whangamata Community Gardens Inc to help with operating costs of the Whangamata Information Centre until February 2020. The Board asked that financial reports be provided for consideration at the February Community Board meeting, should further funding be sought. 

Wentworth Valley Road tar seal extension  - The board supports a request for additional money required to complete tar sealing on Wentworth Valley Rd.