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New Royal Billy Point boat ramp getting good use by recreational fishers

04 November 2019

Since the new Royal Billy Poiint boat ramp at Pauanui opened over Labour Weekend, it's been getting well used by recreational boaties.

Since Labour Weekend, our staff have also met with the project working group for a final project debrief, which will result in some minor work to be completed to improve the function of the new pontoon, This ncludes adding safety bolsters around the posts, so boats don't get scratched while tying up. There will also be some minor fixes to the timber wall.

An Archaeological Authority approval from Heritage New Zealand is due to be issued next month, which will see the remaining work at the wharf completed after Easter next year.

Some other points to note:

  • The new floating pontoon has been delivered to Whangamata and is stored in the marina compound.
  • The current plan is for a tug to tow a piling barge to Tairua on Tuesday 5 November. 
  • Tug will depart for Whangamata, pick up the pontoon and tow it back to Tairua on Wednesday 6 November. 
  • Installation of a new access bridge and the pontoon will occur between 6-12- November Site disestablishment and tug/barge depart Tairua 13/14 November.

This means the wharf pontoon will be closed to public from 6 through 13 November while this takes place.

We anticipate there won't be any issues with the ferry not running at the moment. The boat ramp will not be affected.

For more on the project check out our webpage here