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IT upgrade will make our website unavailable Friday evening

11 October 2018

We’re upgrading our IT systems this Friday evening which means our website and all our web-based systems including online credit card rates payments will be unavailable from 5-11pm on 12 October.

IT systems

Our website should be available the rest of the weekend, but the upgrade will continue which means that the link to our online payments for fines and dog registrations (, may be unavailable for short periods of time.

We realise rates payments are due on Monday 15 October, so if you’re planning to pay by credit card online we have made sure bank-to-bank payments via your internet banking will still be possible.

If you have any urgent requests for service on Friday evening, please call our 24/7 call centre on 07 868 0200 to report your issue. We will also be monitoring our Facebook page so you can private message us.

We may have to do further maintenance over the following week and over Labour Weekend which will also affect some of our systems. We’ll publish more information about that work if it goes ahead next week.