Coromandel Harbour Facilities Update

Coromandel Harbour Facilities Update

02 October 2018

We've got a number of projects on-the-go around the Coromandel Harbour to upgrade our boat ramps and wharves as we prepare for more visitors and growing recreational and commercial use.

This work comes under the umbrella of our Coromandel Harbour Facilities Project.

Expanding and improving our harbour facilities in a safe and sustainable manner will help cater for growth in our aquaculture and tourism industries - with significant economic benefits for our district.
Here's a brief update on recent works.

Hannafords Wharf

Work has started to repair sections of the Hannafords Wharf footpath, damaged after a storm in July. The path has since been closed, with a temporary bypass in place so the wharf has remained in use.

The repair of the work is expected to take two weeks, depending on the weather conditions, and includes removal of the footpath, coastal cliff, vegetation and trees, followed by the reinstatement of the coastal embankment (which includes partial rock revetment works), re-instatement of the footpath and fencing. Read more here:

Sugarloaf Wharf

We're continuing work with the Coromandel Marine Farmers Association (CoroMFA), regional and central government on redevelopment of this wharf, with the need to expand for growing commercial aquaculture activities and ultimately, to separate them from recreational activities such as boating and fishing.The Sugarloaf Wharf is a mixed-use facility with both recreational boaties and industry sharing the relatively tight space.

An expression of interest to the Provincial Growth Fund is currently being prepared by CoroMFA. 

Meanwhile, the latest monthly meeting was held with CoroMFA on Monday 17 September. The focus was around ongoing improvements to health and safety at the Sugarloaf as the summer  period fast approaches.

The next meeting with CoroMFA is scheduled for Monday 15 October and will continue discussions on the status of health and safety improvements and the outcomes of the latest PGF funding round, including next steps.

Waitete Bay

Work to mitigate erosion following the January 2017 storm and king tides has been completed.

Coromandel Wharf

Concept designs and appropriate user needs are still being developed for the replacement of the section that was damaged and had to be removed following the January 2018 storm.

Port Charles Wharf

Repairs have been completed but further work is needed in the next 12-24 months to renew some of the structural elements of the wharf. The wharf is safe for public use.

Coromandel inner harbour proposed projects

We continue to facilitate the development of marine and wharf facilities closer to Coromandel Town.  Further introductions and consultation meetings with key stakeholders and interested parties continue with a number of parties including:

1 - Coromandel Marine Gateway, which is focused around Furey's Creek and is being developed by a private commercial business, Pita St Developments. This is a proposed marine facility that would include boat-stack storage on land, limited berths for fishing charter boats, a marine services area for minor maintenance, facilities for charter vessels and a potential ferry landing. This marine facility proposal, if successful, will enhance the ability to use Furey's Creek, which will complement the Jacks Point boat ramp improvement project proposed in our Council's 2018-2028 Long Term Plan. Wider public consultation by Pita Street Developments on the proposed marine facility will continue throughout the spring and summer months and a consent application for the marine facility would be fully publically notified once the concept has been further discussed with stakeholders. You can see the latest 3D plans and read more about this project (pictured above) here.

2 - The Pier Trust is proposing the development of a "pier" extending out from Coromandel Wharf. This was first mooted by the late Driving Creek founder and well-known artist Barry Brickell, with a project team now progressing this vision.

3 – Patukirikiri - we are working with Patukirikiri iwi and other interested parties to look at the future of the reserve area including the boat ramp, berthage and haul out. 

Our Council's role is around facilitation, which involves working with potential developers on projects that support community needs.  Our  staff and the Coromandel-Colville Community Board have developed a set of evaluation criteria for any harbour proposals received. 

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