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Our IT upgrade continues - some web outages possible

19 October 2018

We're continuing the upgrade to our IT server hardware which means there could be some interruptions to our online services or outages, particularly this evening (Friday 19 October) between 4 - 6:30pm.

IT systems

If you can't connect to our website or to an online service, or if you can't download a document from our website - please be patient and try again later. Some downloads may not be available until Tuesday morning.

If our website is down and there is news to transmit, we'll be using our email newsletters and our Council's Facebook page as usual to keep you informed.

If you have any urgent requests for service, please call our 24/7 call centre on 07 868 0200 to report your issue.

The IT upgrade will increase the capacity of our systems to cope with future demand and make them more resilient and better able to cope with emergencies.