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Whangamata water connections

01 October 2018

There are a number of properties in the urban area of Whangamata that have their own water bores and have not taken the opportunity to connect to the urban water supply managed and maintained by our Council.

Tap waterRecently, we have fielded enquires on how much it would cost for these properties to connect to the Council water supply. These properties are already paying an annual water rate which is 75% of the full rate (explained below). In addition, these properties would pay a development contribution and the cost to physically connect the household to the water toby.

Increase in the annual water rate explained

Currently, all properties within the designated water supply area for Whangamata pay, through their annual rates, either the 'connected water rate' or the 'serviceable water rate'.

The current 'connected water rate' for 2018/19 is $510.81 and the 'serviceable water rate' is $383.11 which is set at 75% of the connected rate. These rates are GST-inclusive.

The income raised from all the annual water supply rates across the district funds the expenditure required to maintain all of the Council's water networks, water treatment plants, water intakes and bores, the resource consents required for each, annual depreciation on all the assets, interest on outstanding debt required to build or renew the water supplies in the past and repay the debt.

The serviceable water rate is set at 75% so that these properties make a significant contribution towards the on-going costs of delivering clean and healthy water as an incentive to connect. The network was designed with all properties within the area of service being connected and its most affordable if all properties connect.

The development contribution explained

The water development contribution for Whangamata from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2021 is set at $3,297 (GST inclusive). This is a one-off cost and provides a contribution to the original cost of establishing the water supply for Whangamata.

When the Council established its Development Contribution Policy the outstanding cost share of the available capacity was assigned to developer debt. The development contribution helps pay this debt. Some of the earlier subdivisions paid the development contributions for all the properties within the subdivision but some properties chose to be supplied by their own bore.

Contact us on 07 868 0200 to see if your property is in one of these subdivisions.

Typical connection fee

The Council's connection fee, which includes the administration fee and the toby connection, also varies depending on the distance from the water mains and the materials used for driveways and footpaths. The connection fee ranges from $700-$1100.

The cost to physically connect your household to the water toby will vary for each property and will largely depend on the distance between the toby and the house and the ground materials involved. Your local plumber/drain layer can tell you about typical costs for this work.

If you have your own bore and your circumstances have changed, or you want a more secure water supply, you might consider connecting to the Council water supply. Please contact us to discuss on 07 868 0200 or email

The connection costs are outlined in our utilities service connection form here, or check out our website here for further informaiton on our water services.