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Boat ramp and wharf upgrades going on around the District

24 September 2019

Did you know our Council provides coastal assets with a $6.8 million value located throughout the District?

There’s a range of facilities we control and manage that need upgrading and improving over time including 40 boat ramps, 7 major wharves, 10 wharf buildings, about 35 seawalls, along with other assets like beach steps, ladders and car parks. Below is a summary of what work we’re doing right now around boat ramps and wharves.

Royal Billy Point wharf and boat ramp, Pauanui

Royal Billy PointInstallation of the wharf pontoon and associated access bridge is scheduled for early October as planned. 

This week the first section of the new walkway, which will run beside the wharf and boat ramp is being built. Installation of the handrails down to the new wharf and boat ramp continues, along with putting in the pilings.

The whole project has been broken into three stages:

  • Stage one - This involves replacing the floating wharf structure and aluminum access bridge. This work is being done by local and outside contractors under the supervision of Council staff. Construction is taking place off-site and will be delivered in late-September.
  • Stage two - This work started on 17 June and involved removing three sections of the access walkway, widening and replacing further west. This has been contracted to Bridge It NZ for $699,545.43.
  • Stage three – Began mid- July with contractors EPL Construction removing the existing boat ramp and timber wall and constructing  a new wider boat ramp with longer timber wall. ($682,301)

Staff continue to meet regularly with members of the working group.

Robinson Road boat ramp, Whitianga

Robinson Road boat rampWork on the Robinson Road Boat Ramp in Whitianga, in order to improve it and take pressure off the boat ramp by the wharf, is also well underway.

“An archaeological assessment and monitoring are complete with some cool findings in the area from the old days of the Pig and Whistle bar and Abes’ wharf,” says project manager Andrew Scobie.

The floating pontoon and the last of the retaining wall panels have been installed and a dig-out of unsuitable materials has been carried out. The ramp to the pontoon is the next section to be constructed.

The last of the concrete for the ramp will be boxed and poured this week and preparation will begin for the turnaround and staging area. The final asphaltic sealing is expected to be completed mid-October.

Whangapoua boat ramp upgrade

Stage one to reconstruct the concrete boat ramp is planned to start in this financial year.

“The design is complete and we’re now waiting for consent from Waikato Regional Council,” says our project manager Steve Bremner.

Stage two, which will be the installation of the pontoons is scheduled for 2022/2023. “The existing boat ramp has shown cracks in the concrete at the end of the ramp,” says Mr Bremner. The existing boat ramps were poured at two different levels, which is an inconvenience for boat ramp users. The proposed concrete boat ramp will eliminate these issues and the addition of a pontoon will make the boat ramp more user-friendly for boaties.

Ruamahanga Bay boat ramp

Ruamahanga Bay Designs to replace the existing concrete boat ramp with a new concrete boat ramp (like for like replacement) are complete. NZTA has given approval for access off SH25 (The Thames Coast Rd), which means we can now start the process for resource consent.

At this stage construction is proposed for early 2020. Further information regarding construction timeframes will be provided once a contractor has been appointed.

Coromandel (west coast) fishing and boat ramp calendar coming soon

Coromandel (west coast) fishing and boat rampIf you're a recreational fisher who enjoys frequenting our boat ramps from the Thames Coast through to Coromandel Town north, you’ll soon be able to grab a copy of our 2019-2020 fishing and boat ramp calendar.

We produced the first copy of the calendar in 2016 and due to the huge amount of positive feedback, we’ve produced it again in the following years.

The new calendar covers November 2019 to October 2020. You can pick up your free copy from our council offices around the District, as well as bait and fishing shops along the Thames Coast and Coromandel Town, when it comes out mid-October, or online.

The calendar contains profiles on boat ramps along the West Coast of the Coromandel peninsula, from Kopu, south of Thames to Amodeo Bay, north of Colville. It also includes tide times of the west coast and best bite times, thanks to Marine Deals, as well as boat launching tips, car parking information and launching fees (where applicable) for each ramp.

To view this year’s calendar click here.

For more information and background on the projects see