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Key information for a happy Labour Weekend in the Coromandel

25 October 2019

Labour Weekend is upon us and for both permanent residents and visitors to the Coromandel, there are a few key changes to some of our services and regulations to keep in mind.

long weekend ahead

Our Council Offices, District libraries and Thames Centennial Pool will be closed on Labour Day, Monday 28 October.

If you want to get in touch with us about something non-urgent that can wait until after the weekend to be seen to, you can send us an email: or fill out a request for service online (Please note these are only monitored during office hours).

If your matter is urgent please contact us on our 24/7 contact number 07 868 0200.

The Coromandel is host to numerous events over Labour Weekend and there's always something to do for the whole family. Click here to see what’s on in the Coromandel this weekend and beyond.

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections


There will be no Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection on Monday 28 October because of the Labour Day public holiday, so collections for the rest of the week will be one day late.

It is Week 2 in our fortnightly recycling collection, so if the address sticker on your wheelie bin has a 2 next to your usual collection day, put out your wheelie bin along with your glass crate and blue rubbish bag on the kerbside by 7:30am for collection. Check our website at for the schedule for your area.

Please don’t overfill your glass crate. If you need more than one crate for recyclable glass, extras can be bought from any of our Council service centres for $16. And please don’t put out broken crates – you can get them replaced free at our council service centres.

Please don't hang your rubbish bag from a tree or pole or leave it in a cage. Put the bag on the side of kerb so the runners can pick it up easily. 

If pests are a problem in your neighbourhood, get a protective "gullinator" - a strong mesh sack that covers a rubbish bag - from one of our service centres for $16, or place your bag on top of your glass recycling crate. Please don't put it on top of your wheelie bin because that delays collections.

If you’re visiting the Coromandel for Labour Weekend but leaving before your Kerbside collection day, you can drop off your rubbish in our official blue rubbish bags and recycling free at any of our seven Refuse Transfer Stations. All of our transfer stations are open until 5:30pm over the long weekend, including Labour Day Monday. Check our website at for hours and locations.

Plan ahead to stay safe and avoid delays on our roads


The NZ Transport Agency has developed a tool that shows predicted traffic flow across popular journeys based on travel patterns from previous years which includes the Coromandel. It can be found at

Because predicted peak times can change based on incidents, weather and even driver behaviour, we suggest that you check here before you leave for accurate information about current road and traffic conditions.

When driving this Labour Weekend, take care to:

  • Drive to the conditions, whether it’s the weather, the time of day or amount of traffic
  • Take regular breaks to stay alert and ensure fatigue doesn’t affect your driving
  • Keep a safe following distance from vehicles in front so you can stop safely
  • Be patient - overtaking is unlikely to make a significant difference to your journey time due to the amount of traffic expected over the weekend.
  • Allow plenty of time, remember you are on holiday and avoid the need to rush
  • Check your car is in good "health" before you head off.
  • Share the road with cyclists. In the lead up to the Coromandel’s biggest road cycle race – the MitoQ K2 Cycle Race and associated events next weekend, more cyclists will be on our roads training. Please be careful, patient and share the road. 

Walking and cycling tracks


The Coromandel is ideal for both short and long walks in the woods, but kauri dieback disease (see photo on the right) means some tracks have been closed.

Check the Department of Conservation website to see what tracks are closed.

There is also a good number of walking and cycling tracks on Council land, many accessible from our town centres. Check Your Coromandel Tracks and Trails Guide for details.

Whatever track you walk or bike on, be considerate of other users, clean up after yourself and remove your rubbish, if you bring a dog with you keep it under control, and if there's a kauri dieback cleaning station use it to clean your boots and gear both entering and leaving the track.

Dog rules

lead the way

Dogs are restricted on the beach in some areas from 9am – 6pm on all holiday weekends, and from Labour Weekend to 1 March dogs are now prohibited in some areas.

It is important to remember that dogs need to be on-lead when walking around our local roads and town centres. We provide off-leash dog exercise areas which are sign posted and can be found on our website. If you're in doubt about when and where you can walk your dog, keep an eye out for signs and maps, pop into one of our Council service centres or head to our website

For information on dog access to conservation land check

Alcohol bans

Throughout our District, alcohol bans will be in force during holiday periods, including Labour Weekend from 4pm on Friday to 4pm on Monday. 

You must not consume, carry or possess alcohol in an alcohol ban area.

These areas are listed on our website, but in addition to the permanent alcohol ban areas in our town centres, alcohol is banned on long weekends and other holidays on our beaches and beachside reserves in many areas.

These are strictly enforced by the police and you may be instantly fined or arrested if you breach an alcohol ban in a public place.

Fire permits


Our Council no longer issues fire permits, Fire and Emergency New Zealand does. Go to their website to see what fire season we're in and to apply for a permit.

Boat ramps, harbours and wharfs

Boat ramp calendar 2018-19

Boating is an important leisure and commercial activity this time of year. Find out about boat ramps and wharves, where they are located, the costs to use them and some of the rules here on our website at

If you enjoy casting out a line anywhere from Kopu, up along  the Thames Coast through to North of Coromandel Town, our free west coast fishing calendar is exactly what you are looking for. You can pick up your free copy from our council service centres, as well as from bait and fishing shops along the Thames Coast and Coromandel Town. Or download it from our website.

Freedom Camping 

Freedom camping area Coromandel

If you’re freedom camping on Council land, you must be in a vehicle that is certified as self-contained by a self-containment issuing authority of self-containment testing officer, such as the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association, check their website for details.

Freedom camping is prohibited in some specific areas or restricted to designated zones - both are clearly sign-posted.

If you intend to camp or stay overnight on a reserve or in a public place and your vehicle is not certified as self-contained, please look for a commercial or Department of Conservation campground. There is a $200 instant fine for offending on Council land. See for more.

Civil Defence - Be prepared

Stay informed

Long weekends and other holidays are times to switch off from the day-to-day routine and focus on fun. But what if an emergency happens? Are you ready?

On the road: An emergency kit stored in the car is a great way of being prepared. You could use a small backpack to keep non-perishable food/ snacks, torch, shoes, wet weather jacket, some cash, bottled water, first aid kit and important phone numbers.

At home: Make sure you have enough food and water to cater for your family and visitor for up to three days. Double check that you have working torches, batteries, cooking facilities, first aid kit and medicines. It also helps to know your neighbours and if they require any assistance.

For more information on getting ready for an emergency, visit

It's also important to stay informed before, during and after emergencies. The more avenues of communication available to you, the better. Here are some we recommend:

Weather updates - MetService.

State Highways (SH25, SH25A, SH26 in the Coromandel): NZTA. You can also call NZTA on 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) for traffic and travel information. You can also use their journey-planning website to plan the best route for your journey, taking into account known issues and traffic on state highways.

Council roads - If any roads our Council manages are affected, we will post regular updates on our Council's Facebook page as well as on our website and email newsletters. If you see an issue that needs attention, call us on 07 868 0200.

Local radio - Check stations and frequencies here.

Red Cross Hazards App - Alerts about hazards. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

Emergency Mobile Alert - These can be sent to your mobile phone, without needing to download an app or sign up. Check if your phone is capable of receiving them, here

Waikato Regional Council - They activate an online hub for rainfall and flood-related information to help people more easily keep up to date with severe weather events in the region. It can be found here.

Also follow Waikato Civil Defence on Facebook here and check out their website for updates here.

Know your neighbours, even if it’s your holiday home.

Power outage - Contact Powerco or your provider.