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The new free Coromandel (West Coast) fishing calendar is here

18 October 2019

Our free, Coromandel (West Coast) fishing and boat ramp calendar is back for the third year, providing all the information you need to cast your line anywhere from Kopu up along the Thames Coast through to north of Coromandel Town.

(Cover of the Coromandel (West Coast) fishing and boat ramp calendar - pictured above)

There’s no doubt, the calendar will help steer you in the right direction of where you can launch your boat and where feeding times for fishing will be more intense, so it's worth checking out before you plan your next trip.

"The Coromandel (West Coast) fishing and boat ramp calendar has taken information from a variety of sources, including LINZ tide times, together with fishing research conducted over many years on when and how long fish bite in relation to the phases of the moon thanks to Marine Deals, New Zealand's largest online superstore for all your fishing needs," says our Economic Development and Communications Manager Laurna White.

"We produced the first copy of the calendar in 2016 to raise awareness of all the boat ramps available to recreational fishers along the entire west coast, to try and spread the load of people fishing away from using just Waikawau and Te Kouma (Sugarloaf) to avoid congestion and overcrowding,” says Mrs White. “Due to the huge amount of positive feedback, we’ve produced it again in the following years."

The new calendar covers November 2019 to October 2020.

You can pick up your free copy from our council offices around the District, as well as bait and fishing shops along the Thames Coast and Coromandel Town, which include:

  • Hunting and Fishing, Kopu
  • Peninsula Marine, Kopu
  • Thames Wholesale Fisheries, Shortland Wharf, Queen St
  • Tararu store
  • Te Puru Store
  • Puru Boat club, Te Puru
  • Camp and Tackle, also know as the Waiomu bait shop
  • Tapu Pub
  • Tapu Store
  • Salty Towers Bait Shop, Coromandel Town.

(Amodeo Bay Boat Ramp pictured above)

Or you can download an online version of the calendar here.

The calendar contains profiles on boat ramps along the west coast of the Coromandel, from Kopu, south of Thames to Amodeo Bay, north of Colville. It also includes tide times of the west coast and best bite times, as well as boat launching tips, car parking information and launching fees (where applicable) for each ramp.

Robinson Rd Boat Ramp upgrade

(Robinson Rd Boat Ramp - pictured above)

In other boat ramp news, the upgrade of the Robinson Road boat ramp in Whitianga is almost finished and the ramp will be open by the end of this week.

The upgrade includes a new concrete ramp, with a floating pontoon. There is a pedestrian area alongside the facility.

The ramp will be free to use this summer. However, as with other ramps in the district with improvements, charges will be introduced for boat trailer parking at the ramp. These will not come into effect until 1 July 2020. In the meantime, a covered honesty box has been installed and notices advising of future charging will be placed on site.

Whangapoua Boat Ramp upgrade 

(Whangapoua Boat Ramp upgrade - pictured above)

Reconstruction of Whangapoua’s concrete boat ramp at Opera Point will start this financial year. The design is complete and we’re now waiting for consent from Waikato Regional Council. Stage two, installation of the pontoons, is scheduled for 2022/2023. The existing boat ramp has cracks in the concrete at the end of the ramp. The existing boat ramps were poured at two different levels, which is an inconvenience for boat ramp users. The proposed concrete boat ramp will eliminate these issues and the addition of a pontoon will make the boat ramp more user-friendly for boaties.


Ruamahunga Bay boat ramp upgrade 

(Ruamahunga Bay boat ramp - pictured above)

The boat ramp will be closed on Friday 18 October from 2pm so some minor holes in the ramp can be patched.

The closure is timed for Friday afternoon’s low tide.

The boat ramp should be open again for business on Saturday.

Royal Billy Point wharf and boat ramp, Pauanui

(Royal Billy Point wharf and boat ramp - pictured above)

The last concrete pour of the boat ramp (pictured) took place last week and installation of the wharf pontoon and associated access bridge is almost completed as scheduled before Labour Weekend.

Staff continue to meet regularly with members of the working group and will meet again after Labour Weekend for feedback from the community who use the facility, once it has opened.

The whole project has been broken into three stages:

  • Stage one - This involves replacing the floating wharf structure and aluminium access bridge. This work is being done by local and outside contractors under the supervision of Council staff. Construction is taking place off-site; however, due to the weather there have been delays. We will operate with the old floating wharf structure for Labour Weekend and the installation of the new floating wharf structure is expected to be installed shortly after Labour Weekend.
  • Stage two - This work started on 17 June and involved removing three sections of the access walkway, widening and replacing further west. This has been contracted to Bridge It NZ for $699,545.43.
  • Stage three – Began mid- July with contractors EPL Construction removing the existing boat ramp and timber wall and constructing  a new wider boat ramp with longer timber wall. ($682,301)

See for further information on this project.