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Whitianga skaters tell us what you think

31 October 2019

Plans for the new skate park in Whitianga are skating ahead thanks to feedback from the community and a draft design of what the skate park may look like is now out.

The new skate park is being designed by Australian company Convic, a well-established global leader in youth space design, who has created more than 700 action sports facilities around the world.
The new Whitianga skate park will be built adjacent to the existing site in Taylors Mistake/Whakau Reserve as a fun, safe place for all ages to scooter and skate.

Workshops were held in August to get an idea of what the skate park would look like, which has guided the concept design, which is now out for feedback.

The suggested concept design is separated into three main areas:

1. A street drain run, which follows the Carina Creek edge and consists of low height obstacles maintaining the views through the facility.

2. An open flow section, consisting of beginner to intermediate transition features, with some unique and challenging obstacles.

3. An isolated bowl section, consisting of intermediate, to advanced quarter pipes.

The draft design incorporates seating and terraces that are located at the main entry point of the skate park, which connects to the Taylors Mistake/Whakau Reserve open grass area. Seating has also been incorporated into some of the facilities platform areas, along with shelter. By connecting the skate park with other community facilities it creates a dynamic, primary social hub that attracts social experiences for members of the Whitianga Community.

The total design cost of the Whitianga skatepark is just under $30,000 and the estimated construction is approximately $600,000. Our Council is contributing approximately $20,000 to the design and $450,000 towards the construction through existing budgets allocated in our 2018-2028 Long Term Plan for the Mercury Bay ward.

A third of the design costs will come from the community and the remainder will be made up from external funds raised, including the sale of t-shirts and donations from The Informer and Ray Burgess, the owner of the building immediately adjacent to the existing skatepark at Taylor’s Mistake.

(Concept design of the new skate park adjacent to the existing skate park)

Feedback is now being sought on the design of the new skate park, before Convic starts the final design. Public workshops are being held in November at the Mercury Bay Community Board Room, 10 Monk Street Whitianga:

  • Thursday 7 November from 4pm - 6pm
  • Thursday 7 November from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Click here to see the full draft concept report.

“The aim of these workshops is to show the draft concepts to see that they meet the needs of the community and in particular the users of the park.” says Council Project Manager Andrew Scobie, "We want the community feedback and acknowledge the importance of listening to all users of the facility. By doing this the community will take ownership and support the development of a real cool public space. And once the concrete sets it will be hard to change later."

The Mercury Bay Skate Park Trust, which was established in May 2017, is the major organisation tasked with helping make the skate park project happen. The Trust has received support and donations from a number of businesses. Any further donations are appreciated and can be deposited into the Mercury Bay Skate Park Trust bank account (03 1578 0110921 000). Please email Chris at with your name, contact details and amount of the donation.

The consents have been lodged and once the draft design is final then detailed engineering design and costing can continue. Some applications for external grants are underway. 

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