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Advertising and Signs: Information or Distraction? Tell us what you think

21 November 2022

Publicly visible advertising and signs are an integral part of our landscape and provide important information about activities, events and businesses.

Advertising and Signs Bylaw banner

Making sure they do not become a blight, pose a safety hazard or contain hateful or inflammatory content is the intent of our Advertising and Signs Bylaw.

After reviewing the 2017 Advertising and Signs Bylaw, our proposed amended bylaw is ready for your feedback.

We're proposing the following changes to the 2017 bylaw:

  • Amendments to the bylaw’s purpose to refer to the needs of businesses, activities and events to be advertised or promoted, and to refer to protecting the public from nuisance, including by maintaining and protecting amenity values
  • Adding a clause to prohibit the erection of signs within the road carriageway
  • Real estate directional signs for open homes and auctions - reducing the maximum height of these signs to 0.9m from 2.5m, for traffic visibility reasons
  • Requiring other agencies to get permission from the Council before putting a sign on Council land
  • New bespoke restrictions for digital billboards (eg prohibiting animation of digital billboards and are limiting their use to transitions between static images, so as not to distract drivers)
  • Requiring signs to be maintained so as not to become dilapidated
  • Requiring signs to be removed as soon as reasonably practicable once the sign is no longer required for advertising purposes
  • General changes to formatting, drafting and standard clauses, so that the bylaw complies with current best practice and to improve the bylaw's accuracy and clarity.

Our consultation on the proposed amended bylaw is open until 2 December so please provide us with your feedback before then.

You can find out more about the proposed changes on this website at You can provide feedback online through that web page,  or go to one of our Council service centres and ask for a printed feedback form.