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Coromandel Town main road on track for completion before Easter

18 March 2020

Our contractor, Downer, has been working hard on the final touches to the upgrade of Coromandel Town’s main road to complete everything in time for the Easter holidays.

(Pictured above - works for the threshold crossing at the northern end of town)

They have prepared the work site areas, removed the temporary material from the garden beds, poured topsoil and boxed kerb sections for concrete.

They have also started installing the threshold crossing at the northern end of town, along with road cobblestones, opposite the Hauraki House Reserve. The road signage will be installed at the pedestrian crossing outside Samuel James Reserve, along with the streetlight being installed. 

(Pictured above - this week’s stakeholder meeting)

The focus for next week

Next week the roundabout construction will begin.

"Our contractor, Downer, is confident that the roundabout will take approximately three days to complete with good weather,” says Steve Bremner, our Council's Project Manager. “However, the plants surrounding the roundabout will not be planted if the total watering ban is still in place."

Check our website at for the latest water restrictions.

Weekly stakeholder meetings have been resurrected until the works are completed. The meetings are an opportunity to signpost what’s coming up in the following week and to iron out any issues. The next meeting will be at Wharf Road Cafe, 24 Wharf Road, Coromandel Town at 8:30am on Wednesday 25 March.

For more information on the project, contact our Coromandel Town Community Manager, or phone 07 868 0200. Otherwise visit our project page here.

Explore arts, crafts, jewellery and more at Wyuna Studio in Coromandel Town 

Each week we catch up with local businesses affected by the main road upgrade. This week, we spoke to Christine Dow, owner of the Wyuna Studio, at 110 Kapanga Road, Coromandel Town.

Wyuna Studio has been in Coromandel Town since 1987 offering locals home decor, arts, clothing and the perfect place for tourist to grab a souvenir.

Christine and her family came to Coromandel Town from Taranaki over 36 years ago.

"Coromandel Town is a unique place where people are lucky to live and work. The town has a true sense of home for me as most of my family grew up here, everyone is so friendly and it’s a neat little community to live in," says Christine.

"It’s good to see the main road being upgraded as it was in need for some major improvements. The work they have done so far looks tremendous and the flow of traffic has improved drastically. The contractors were so helpful and polite, helping people cross the road when they needed it. The front of my shop was always clear so people could walk in and out when they pleased," she says.

If you need a special gift or souvenir go in a check out her store that has something for everyone. Let’s remember to support our local businesses over this time – so if you can, buy local. If you would like more information you can call Christine on 0211008653.