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We need your views on lower speed limits

16 August 2022

Contribute your views on where lower speed limits can help save lives.

•Help lower the toll that road accidents take on our communities. Give us your feedback on how we can lower speed limits on district roads to save lives and reduce injuries. 

For the next month, 16 August – 14 September, we’ll be collecting your survey responses on our draft Speed Management Plan to lower speed limits. 

Our lower speed limits work is part of a nationwide initiative by Waka Kotahi to radically reduce the lives harmed by driving too fast. The speed at the time of a road accident – whatever the cause of the crash – is usually what determines whether anyone is killed or seriously injured.  

Our Council has assessed all the roads in the district (except for State Highways under Waka Kotahi’s control) using the latest scientific risk management tools to find out where changes are needed 

We’ve set out proposed changes in a draft interim Speed Management Plan for the district. We now need to get your views on these proposed changes.  

Key changes we propose include:  

• lowering the limit of some sections of rural routes to 70 or 80km/h (instead of the current open road limit of 100km/h) in line with the actual speeds that vehicles can safely drive on those roads. 

• reducing speed limits near schools to 30km/hr in both urban and rural areas in line with new national legislation 

• lower speed limits in town centres and areas where there are a lot of pedestrians crossing roads at different points (e.g. tourist spots) or manoeuvring vehicles (e.g. hospitals) to 30km/hr. 

• reducing the speed limit in some urban residential areas to 40km/h or possibly 30km/hr. 

To view the proposed s•peed limit changes, have a look at the document links below.  

Draft interim Speed Management Plan Vol 1: Principles

Draft interim Speed Management Plan Vol 2: Technical Assessments

Draft interim Speed Management Plan Vol 3: Implementation

Fill in the survey here

Complete our simple online survey here.

Or fill out this printable survey and email it back to us. 

What will we do with your feedback?

After all the surveys are received, we'll analyse the information and make appropriate changes to the Speed Management Plan. After final review by Council, we will submit the revised plan to Waikato Regional Council to become part of a regional Speed Management Plan. This will then be submitted to Waka Kotahi for final review before being entered into the new National Speed Limits Register.