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Merry Christmas from the TCDC team

20 December 2021

It’s a Merry Christmas from Mayor Sandra Goudie, Councillors, Community Board members and staff as we count down the last few days to Christmas.

TCDC Christmas Card 2021

“Wishing you all the best over this time, keep safe and relax here on the Coromandel,” says Mayor Sandra. “Our Council Christmas card this year is themed around water. It’s a precious resource so remember to use wisely and conserve so we don’t have too many water restrictions around the district over the peak period, and also be water-wise on the ocean and rivers around the Coromandel.

And a little water in the form of light drizzle is being forecast by MetService for Christmas Day on the Coromandel – but not enough that it should stop you making outdoor plans.

Christmas weather

While there may be some light rain, it is still expected to be a relatively dry summer for the Coromandel and we’re at high risk of scrub fires. From today, Monday 20 December our district is in a PROHIBITED fire season.

That means no open-air fires can be lit around the district (or the surrounding islands off the Coromandel), and FENZ (Fire and Emergency NZ) won’t be issuing any permits for fires.

For more information go here.

Extra Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections for the summer

Most areas of the Coromandel will have additional Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections between Monday 27 December and Saturday 12 February 2022.

kerbside christmas 2021 comms

Instead of the usual once weekly blue Council rubbish bag and fortnightly recycling collections, rubbish will be picked up twice a week in our busy eastern seaboard visitor hotspots like Mercury Bay, Pāuanui and Whangamatā. Glass recycling crates will be collected twice a week and the wheelie bins for cardboard, paper, tins and plastic (numbered 1 and 2 only please) will be collected once a week – in most areas.

Please don’t put glass in your wheelie bin – it goes in the Council crate. We can only accept paper (not shredded and not tissue paper), cardboard (flatten it please), aluminium and tin cans (please leave them intact – don’t squash them) and plastic types 1 and 2 (eg most drink containers. Check the item for a number 1 or 2 inside a triangle. If the number is different or there’s no number, put it in your rubbish bag for disposal). Check our Guide to Recycling in the Coromandel

In a change from previous years, recycling will be collected every week in the Thames Coast and Manaia area. Collections in Thames and Surrounds and Thames South Rural remain the same as they are in the non-peak time of year.

Check the schedule for your area on our website:  

If you’re leaving town before your property’s collection day, instead of leaving your rubbish by the kerb to fester in the hot sun and attract pests like gulls and roaming dogs, drop your blue Council bags at any of our Refuse Transfer Stations for free. They’re all open to extended hours over the summer, until 20 February 2022. Check hours and locations for your nearest transfer station:

Recycling can also be dropped at our transfer stations at no charge.

We also have rubbish compactors and drop-off sites for rubbish:

Other Council services over peak summer

For all office hours and service information check out this page.

The Coromandel is currently in ORANGE for the government’s COVID-19 protection framework

The Vaccination Pass will only be required to enter our Council’s public facilities if the Coromandel has cases of community transmission of the virus. As of today, there are no community cases.

We also now have a policy that all Council staff and elected members need to have both COVID-19 jabs by Monday 17 January 2022 to be able to work in Council’s workplaces.

Keeping connected around the Coromandel 

Spark is boosting up its mobile capacity in several areas across the Coromandel – with both temporary  and permanent sites being upgraded to support peak visitor use and permanent residents throughout the year for the Spark and Skinny networks.

The improvements will enhance connectivity in parts of Whangamata, Preece Point, Pauanui, Tairua, Cooks Beach, Hahei, and at Joe’s Farm to support events being held over the summer period.

In 2022, Spark is continuing its permanent build programme with new site builds around Whangamatā, Matarangi Beach, Pauanui South, Pauanui North, Opito Bay, Whangapoua and Cooks Beach.