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Motorcycle Awareness Month

13 September 2017

Motorcycle Awareness Month Banner

For many motorbike riders the start of spring marks the real riding season, that’s why Ride Forever decided to make September Motorcycle Awareness Month (MAM). Our Council is supporting the initiative as many motorbike riders enjoy our Coromandel Loop.

Why do we need an awareness month?

Signs - statisticsFor safety. This time of the year motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities increase as more riders are out on the roads.

Motorcycles are becoming more popular, with a 60% increase in motorcycle travel on the road in the last 10 years.

They’re also involved in more crashes. In 2015, motorcycles were involved in 17% of crashes and 10% of deaths despite making up only 3% of road users. So far this calendar year, 22 riders have died on the roads.

See the most popular motorcycle routes, and crash locations here.

"There is a pressing need to improve the statistics, hence why our Council support Motorcycle Awareness Month," says Ingrid Le Fevre, our Road Safety Co-ordinator.

For more information you can visit the website here

You can also show your support for Motorcycle Awareness Month with the 'Helmet me' app here.

Awareness for riders

Awareness for drivers

The Coromandel Loop

With its beautiful scenery and curving rhythm the Coromandel Loop is a favourite for Kiwi riders. The Loop is a challenging ride, which means the things that make it enjoyable also make it risky. That’s why you need to keep your head in the game.

Food Trail GuideThe Coromandel Loop is made up of two loops:

  • Northern Loop (187.8km)
  • Southern Loop (129.7km)

It is recommended to stop regularly on your ride, so be sure to check out NZTA's handy map of the Coromandel here with distances between main towns and rest stops so you can start planning.

And while riding the Coromandel Loop, why not try our Coromandel Food Trail? You can enjoy stop in and enjoy homegrown, local artisan food and produce from our cafes, restaurants and food businesses.